Who writes bills?

This WSJ article begins:

Last summer, Congressman Barney Frank and then-Senator Chris Dodd stayed up all night writing new rules for America’s multitrillion-dollar derivatives markets.

That’s obviously not true.

As I’ve been working on various aspects of this piece of legislation, I’ve been trying to figure out who actually was staying up all night writing the rules.

I’m pretty sure I know who wrote certain portions of the bill – though I can’t be sure (which is pretty crazy if you think on it) – and the answers would, in some cases, be surprising.


5 Responses to Who writes bills?

  1. josh says:

    Could you at least give us a hint at why it would be surprising?

    • Foseti says:

      Let’s just say that I think it’s wrong for people to think of government and big business as separate entities.

      • RS says:

        At last, the regime of racist corporate fascism proposed by Mencius Moldbug has dawned. I hope he wasn’t being sarcastic.

      • RS says:

        Steel yourself, it is the very words of our perceptor and liberator, which are wise:

        Since Mencism is out beyond the fringes of the fringes, it will only attract supporters who are genuinely passionate about our vision of racist corporate fascism. Of course this label is designed to attract only the most independent-minded of independent thinkers – to put it gently. Therefore, racist corporate fascism must become a “big tent” which, for the sake of enlarging itself and appearing important, embraces all supporters whose views can be vaguely described as racist corporate-fascist.

        Wise are these sentences of our great liberator and perceptor. Racio-fascist corporatism attracts independent thinkers! Fasco-corporate racism must become a ‘big tent’!

  2. I was going to say Dodd and Frank were up all night shooting the shit while their aides wrote the bill, but from what you say they were probably up all night shooting the shit (and drinking scotch) while their aides exchanged emails with the Wall Street lawyers who were writing the bill.

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