Here’s a study that finds that “Blacks may, ironically, prefer to interact with highly racially biased Whites, at least in short interactions.” I don’t know about that, but I have noticed that many blacks talk about blacks and whites as if they are different – maybe they’re just annoyed by people who pretend not to see any racial differences. One stark example of these differences can be seen here.

So let me get this straight: If this information is correct, most of our capital resources and engineering talent are hard at work figuring out how to help people buy massages for 50% off?”

Crime and the brain.

A commenter at Marginal Revolution makes a point about Amy Chua that I made a long time ago:

Amy Chua’s method is better in raising successful kids career-wise, at the expense of emotional attachment, family warmth, etc. It’s a trade-off. If you envision your child’s future life to be of economic hardship and misery, maybe it’s a GOOD trade-off (as evidenced by the stricter methods of parenting on poorer societies, and also in the past when being poor really influenced your happiness).

If you read Amy Chua’s earlier book, you know that she thinks highly-successful minorities will often be subject to violent treatment from the less-successful majority. Since her children are half-Jewish and half-Chinese, they’re basically screwed (at least according to her thesis).

Fred Reed: “Today there are so very few outlets for manliness. Modern marriage sounds like a sort of heterosexual lesbianism.”

Here is what 2010 was supposed to look like

The people of California tried to hold their legislators accountable for constantly failing to pass a budget. The legislators showed them.

OneSTDV on education.

I’ve said before that there’s no bubble in the high-end of college education. Half Sigma inadvertently provides some more evidence of this.

Friedman on Rothbard and Rothbard on Friedman.

The beatings will continue until you love the homos.

What puts you on the Right is you oppose the belief in human equality . . . you believe that by nature human beings are unequal and if you are traditional conservative you defend hierarchy as better than its alternatives. And in any case you oppose any state attempt to level down differences.”

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  1. josh says:

    My black students absolutely love me.

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