Harry Brown

Ilkka recommended Harry Brown the other day.

I watched the move on Saturday, while my wife went to a birthday party for one of her law school friends. I’m pretty sure this particular friend has been turning 32 for the last five years.

Anyway, Ilkka’s one line description of the movie is going to really tough to top: "a pretty solid movie adaptation of Theodore Dalrymple’s essays."

I’ll give it a shot though: This is basically the movie that I would write if someone gave me three hours in which to write a movie and I’d already had a few martinis.

Imagine if the slums of Britain were filled with white people and one old guy went on a vigilante rampage against the slum-dwellers. You get Harry Brown.

3 Responses to Harry Brown

  1. sardonic_sob says:

    It is a never-failing source of confusion to me that with the vast number of highly-trained soldiers our society contains, it is almost vanishingly rare that one of them goes Rambo and shoots/blows up significant portions of the population.

    it’s almost as if when one demonstrates discipline in the attaining of skills, one learns a general discipline over one’s life. But that is obviously nonsense, isn’t it?

    It reminds me of Dr. Malcom’s comments in the novel Jurassic Park, where he opines that the difference between a person with a black belt in karate and a person with a gun is that by the time a person has learned sufficient skill to kill a human being with their bare hands, they will almost by necessity have acquired the discipline not to do it. While I don’t care for the hoplophobic implication, he has a point.

    Anyway I saw the trailer for that movie on iTunes and I thought it looked good but very depressing. Was it depressing?

  2. Have you heard the musical stylings of the chap (Ben Drew) who played the foul mouthed gang leader, Noel Winters?

    This is one of Plan B’s (real name Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew) songs at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eCwoa30iD1s (WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE)

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