Randoms of the day

Handle on gays and gentrification.

Auster on the incorporation doctrine.

Here’s a map of the racial breakdown of DC (blue is for black people and red is for white people). Here’s a map of changes in housing values in DC. Notice anything?

5 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Leonard says:

    Handle wrote:

    form an AFF-Colony Corporation that, starting with a large amount of venture capital, surreptitiously buys up all the land … . Once it buys up a critical mass of the land – which, again, I think is enough to establish majority representation in the local public school – it can get to work gentrifying, raising prices, and passively using the power of those prices to cover the (politically touchy) selectivity in new residents.

    My guess is that this venture, if successful, would be awesomely profitable if it can avoid political troubles and/or counter-organize its own special interest group into an effective lobby.

    I think it would work if you could somehow bootstrap it with truly massive amounts of capital. But… that’s a tall order. Even a small, poor city would cost billions to buy a sufficient chunk of.

    Also, there is the problem of what pulls people to you. A city small enough to dominate in this manner probably isn’t growing economically. Without decent growth, you don’t have the residential churn to be able to turn things over fast enough. There’s a reason why only a few cities have inverted themselves so far, and it’s not just the coordination problem.

    Also, there is that matter of “political troubles”. You’d be an enemy on the right. USG doesn’t mess with them. RICO? I’m not sure how, but if they smelled the “racism” inherent in this sort of thing, you can be sure they’d try to stop it.

    • RS says:

      USG, me good sir, ain’t exactly growing in power over the US. It’s now starting on a very long trend of weakening. So the sort of thing L. describes is going to happen.

      • RS says:

        Apologies, I meant Handle not L.

      • Leonard says:

        I’d buy stock, except that in order to know what company to buy I’d have to see the business plan, and that’s raciss! A vexing little conundrum. I wonder if something like this is already going on, and naturally I don’t know about it because it must be sub rosa.

  2. AC says:

    Handle’s was a fantastic comment and I would be interested in hearing more from him. The analogy of cultural subgroups to nations and colonies clarifies a lot and makes solid falsifiable predictions.

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