DC politics in one post

This is – perhaps – my favorite blog post of all time. The internet can shut down at this point, as far as I’m concerned.

Matthew Yglesias is surprised to find out . . . that Marion Barry has bad policy ideas!

I know. It’s truly shocking.

This post basically sums up the current state of politics in DC as well. The city is increasingly filled with people, like Yglesias, who have really really good policy ideas. Policy ideas which they’re sure will help the poor (i.e. black) people in the city. They could close the achievement gap, for example, if only they could implement the right policies.

Unfortunately for these benevolent policy wonks, black people keep voting against their candidates and their policies.

If you’re not part of either group, the whole show is quite entertaining.

5 Responses to DC politics in one post

  1. anon says:

    Mwahaha join the Dark Side, yglesias.

  2. Handle says:

    You got a hat-tip from Sailer on this one.

  3. james wilson says:

    It is impossible for a man like Yeglesias to grasp the level of intelligence that some people breeze through life with, especially while his own ideas are worse.

  4. B D says:

    Moldbug has the last word on this one (other context on AM, but still great line)…”The USG, the most powerful trans-galactic force in the known universe is in the hands of 15 year old’s who just found their brothers stash of Milwaukee’s Beast. But shit when your buzzed your buzzed. Have a good time and hope you don’t get prosecuted”

  5. […] I really, really like your blog. In a post last year that made me laugh out loud, you commented on the liberal blogger Matt Yglesias (you and Sailer read him so I don’t have to bother!), who noticed, apparently with some surprise, that “Marion Barry has bad policy ideas!” […]

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