I had started a rather sarcastic post comparing ABB to John Brown. What if ABB had died, Norway fought a super bloody civil war to rid itself of multiculturalism, and the victors sang songs about ABB’s body? Anyway, the post wasn’t very good and Moldbug says it all better (helpfully supplemented by stats from Illka).

Stratfor: "Under the EFSF all of this debt will in essence be a sort of “eurobond,” a new class of bond in Europe upon which the weak states utterly depend and which the Germans utterly control." . . . "Rather than constraining Germany’s geopolitical potential, the European Union now enhances it; Germany is on the verge of once again becoming a great power."

Devin on Europe.

AMcGuinn on the phone hacking media story.

The price of gold and central bank holding of treasuries and agencies.

The freedom of children: "The truth is, promiscuous feminists want more than total sexual freedom. They want their choices to be celebrated, and for it to be politically unfeasible for anyone to question their morality. They wish to silence those who would call their lifestyles morally bankrupt (or even think it). They wish to shame men for imposing a sexual double standard, or even for simply preferring to partner with women of limited sexual experience."

Ulysses and I had nearly identical weekends (actually, we were just drinking the same stuff, but that’s close enough).

Currently, intrade thinks it’s unlikely that Congress will pass a deal to raise the debt ceiling. Yields on treasuries are declining today. The market seems to not care whether or not the debt ceiling is raised. Pundits, however, are freaking out. Someone is really wrong.

7 Responses to Randoms

  1. susanawalsh says:

    I’m always delighted and flattered to get a link from an intellectual 🙂 Thanks very much.

  2. dearieme says:

    Whenever I’ve commented on an American blog that John Brown was a terrorist, the response has been strong evidence for the power of childhood indoctrination.

    • Foseti says:

      Indeed – and yet, it’s rather obvious, no?

      • Handle says:

        A fun question to ask your local Progressive is what exactly is the difference between John Brown – who thought political violence was justified to rid the country of the practice of slavery, which he considered evil because of his interpretation of the Bible – and Eric Rudolph or Scott Roeder – who thought political violence was justified to rid the country of the practice abortion, which they considered evil because of their interpretation of the Bible.

        There’s two approaches. One is to try and make some kind of attempt at drawing a cosmic philosophical and ethical distinction. The other is to be realistic and say, “The only real difference is that his side won the war.”

  3. Tschafer says:

    Of course John Brown was a terrorist. How anyone can even argue this is astonishing. I’d also note that, from the period 1875-1965, John Brown was considered to be a pretty controversial character in American history, with even his most ardent defenders taking the “his heart was in the right place, but his methods were wrong” line. It’s only been since the late 1960’s that he has been seen as an unambiguous hero.

  4. icr says:

    Of course Mandela was a terrorist too:

  5. dearieme says:

    “Mandela was a terrorist too”: one of my friends is punctilious in always affording him his full title “The Terrorist nelson mandela”.

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