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Iran loves Egyptian democracy

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  1. Handle says:

    But there is no Egyptian Democracy, really. The Junta is still firmly in charge.

    Here’s my interpretation of the events there. Egypt has been a “Khahistocracy” for several generations now. Mubarak was as good a general as any to be made into a figurehead, but nearly any of them would have made identical decisions in their collective interest in perpetuating the system. But a funny thing happened. Mubarak was in charge for so long that he began to consider himself like a king and his family like hereditary royalty, and become increasingly focused on delivering power to his non-veteran son Gamal instead of the next most senior General.

    Gradually, the most powerful figures in the military establishment concluded that a Mubarak dynasty with Gamal in charge would not be in their interests, and so they began to look for ways to intervene. Out of nowhere, the Tunisian self-immolation event which inspired their uprising caused a spillover of popular frustration and unrest in Egypt. When it came time to disperse the crowds of protesters, you may recall, the Army stood idle and made friends with the demonstrators, I’m sure much to Mubarak’s very unpleasant surprise.

    What they were hoping to do is accomplish a kind of “Coup D’Etat of Opportunity.” At first the US was confused, but through military-to-military relations channels, it became clear what the Generals were trying to accomplish, and they promised us they’d eventually enact some of the reforms we have long requested of Mubarak but which he had politely ignored for years.

    But, like I said, the Junta is in charge, and whatever “constitutional and democratic reforms” they eventually allow, you can rest assured that they will still remain the true deep state for a long time to come.

    • Foseti says:

      I know Egypt is not a democracy. I just think it’s hysterical to see an Iranian govt guy praising democracy in a neo-con newspaper. That’s gotta sting a bit for the WSJ to publish.

  2. Doug1 says:


    You label to many posts “randoms”. Try labeling this one as “Iran Loves Egyptian Democracy.”

  3. Doug1 says:

    * too

  4. Doug1 says:

    Awaiting moderation for what? Ridiculous. change your settings.

  5. Kalim Kassam says:

    Foseti, I have a suggestion for a work to get the treatment in one of your famed book reviews: *2083: A European Declaration of Independence*

    What do you think?

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