Here’s an article claiming that Australia has "tamed" bigotry. Hilariously, it basically says that bigotry has been tamed through speech restrictions and re-education requirements. Er, congrats, I guess.

"Democracy is the illusion that my wife and I have twice the political power of David Rockefeller"

Blacks and gays.

5 Responses to Randoms

  1. Gilbert Pinfold says:

    Actually, Mr Evans has no reasons for self congratulation. (He is, incidentally, a former government minister turned professional globalist). It is true that school indoctrination, billboards, campaigns, ‘hate’ laws, workplace policies, etc, have made Australia as PC as the next place. But the real reason for the ‘tolerance’ is that the place remains (as Oprah memorably commented) ‘sooo white’.

  2. My perception is that in Australia, pretty much everyone is a human biodiversity realist, including the elite, but no one is allowed to say so. Even progressives, when discussing the abo problem, will say things presuppose that all adult male abos are drunken daughter fucking pedophiles, and all female abos over the age of six are petrol sniffing whores. But whatever they unintentionally imply, what they explicitly say will be most pious.

  3. Gilbert says:

    If only. The problem is that the elites are able to maintain cognitive dissonance between PC and their lying eyes vis a vis the indigenes. Unfamiliarity with exotic breeds has not yet bred contempt within the general populace. There is frightening naivety about Africans. The myth of the Magic Negro is alive and well since many Aussies only exposure has been to NBL rejects, entertainers and other charismatic and isolated examples.

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