Nativism for all but people

Moldbug on the history of US and Soviet relations (also see other comments in the thread)

Devin on legalizing drugs. I particularly like this part:

The war on drugs is carried out with enough just enough capriciousness and leniency that it falls short of actually wiping out the drug markets. But enforcement is strict enough that the markets operate without the protection of the law. The result is organized gang violence, turf wars, and an economic incentive for youths to enter a life of crime.

I wonder who wants it run that way?

QOTD: Mangan: “The climate always cooperated with Ian Smith.” Heh.

The death penalty in Britain.

Al Fin on the Flynn Effect for smart people.

7 Responses to Randoms

  1. Tschafer says:

    The Zimbabwe situation reminds me of the 75 consecutive years of bad weather suffered by the USSR. Funny how the weather always turns nasty when socialist take over…

  2. dearieme says:

    If the Flynn effect has people getting more intelligent, whilst dumbing down has them getting less educated, then there should be a huge business opportunity in providing worthwhile education for (presumably) intellectually frustrated cleverdicks.

  3. Lester Hunt says:

    “I wonder who wants it run that way?” Cui bono?

  4. No, seriously, who wants to run it that way? The leftist globalist establishment?

  5. asdf says:

    That quote from Devin is right on. Legalization is one approach, but a lot of Libertarians don’t get that a war on drugs *can* succeed. Singapore executes drug traffickers and has zero drug problem. This half-ass approach is the worst: either legalize it or really prohibit it, not this gray zone stuff.

    • aretae says:

      The problem here is that most folks don’t WANT a war on drugs to succeed. Pull over Lindsay Lohan (or whomever), find the drugs she’s carrying and execute. Try it, and watch support for drug enforcement drop. governing requires consent…and the drug war has consent only because it’s ineffective, and intermittently enforced.

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