Britain: 1066 – 2011(?)

Britain hasn’t been successfully invaded in more than a thousand. It looks like that streak may be over. It was a good run.

We’re told that 16,000 police will try to retake London. But that means that London has been taken.

I’ve been glued to the live video feed today. It’s pretty incredible to watch – leftist violence on full display.

I think anger and sadness are the appropriate responses. Vladimir seems to get the tone about right:

The latest events are the London riots. And what a depressing occurrence they are. They reveal the true extent of crime and disorder that has been sitting under the surface of London society for the past few decades, unchecked by a useless police force, a useless justice system and a number of useless governments.

It is profoundly, desperately sad to see how thin our civilisation actually is. How quickly it reverts to barbarism… how quickly the Vandal hordes revert to type and smash and steal the artefacts of the civilised world.

Would the Victorians have allowed it? Not in the 19th century; they’d call in the Army before allowing gangs of ruffians to burn down London. And rightly so. But of course, they helped enable what happens now, with their Whigs and their Chartists, their universal suffrage and their push for “reforms”. These continued the inevitable decline: the transition from a society ruled by betters, to a society ruled by no-one.

Thankyou, the Left Wing. These are your people, your riots, and your city now. Good luck stopping the violence. Maybe you could negotiate with some “community leaders”? Perhaps withdrawing the police from “deprived areas” would be a solution? And a bit more cash for those areas, too, perhaps? You could always appear on TV and say the violence is “unacceptable”. That would definitely help. . . .

There is no saviour. We already abolished everyone who could protect us from the criminals. The riots, and the government’s inability to control them, are the reminder.

Jim also digs up a video that’s worth watching.

Also, here’s Vox:

Barbarians are barbarians. They are not civilized people. They do not build, they do not produce, they have no capacity or interest in doing anything more than breed, subsist, and destroy. You build a wall to keep the barbarians out, and when they try to invade, as they eventually will, you utilize civilized discipline to slaughter them. You can try to convert them to civilization in their own lands, and sometimes they will be able to maintain one if the population possesses sufficient average time preferences, but whatever you do, you don’t permit them to move in next door.

The picture above is an apt metaphor for Western multiculturalism. The man being beaten up is a press photographer, most likely a nice left-liberal who up until the very moment that the photo was taken was a staunch believer in multiculturalism and human equality.

I also don’t see how this can end in victory Britain as we know it. Even if the official government nominally regains control, it’s lack of control has been laid bare. Someone will step in to fill the – now obvious – vacuum.

Finally, John Derbyshire:

Through British veins runs the poisonous fake idealism of “human rights” and “sensitivity,” of happy-clappy multicultural groveling and sick, weak, deracinated moral universalism — the rotten fruit of a debased, sentimentalized Christianity.

34 Responses to Britain: 1066 – 2011(?)

  1. AC says:

    I wonder if the EDL/BNP, supposedly scary fascist groups, can muster enough people to defend small areas. That would be a PR coup.

  2. Rod Carvalho says:

    How hard is it to declare martial law, impose a curfew, and have Army and Marines on the streets to restore order? It worked in 1992 in Los Angeles. What are the Brits waiting for?

  3. Tschafer says:

    Simply astonishing. Has any government and people ever been this supine in the face of an existential threat?

  4. Tim says:

    Belief in communism survived the Soviet Union. I predict the photographer will blame “inequality” and “racism”.

  5. josh says:

    what live video feed?

  6. Vladimir says:

    Just to avoid confusion, I should note that I’m not the same Vladimir who writes that blog. (I’m the one who’ s been active in the Eisenhower thread.)

    If the other one will be commenting here, one of us should change his handle.

  7. josh says:

    May I tie together two recent themes with this hilarious 3rd rate rant:

  8. Alrenous says:

    It is entirely possible to believe in human right and moral universalism but not be an idiot about it. I do, but notably both the rioters and the government are violating it. Oops.

  9. Thomas says:

    So what do you think the mid term consequence of these riots will be? On the one hand I have nothing but admiration for the effectiveness of this left wing terrorism. Our (german) newspapers are full of great explanations of how these riots are inevitable due to the brutal austerity measures that were taken on the back of the poor and weak and how more privileges could prevent violence in the future. On the other hand, these diversity celebrations could turn out to be an effective way to nudge nice left liberals to the right. Nothing like getting hit in the face with a baseball bat to drive some sense into them I suppose.

  10. I just don’t think the leftists are wise enough to admit their denial in this case. People really don’t learn from the past. I seriously wonder how many people in front of the TV are actually aware that the problem is no bullcrap austerity but a bunch of pissed-off lazy black immigrants?

    Prediction is, if they keep dodging the essence of such issues, averting addressing immigration issues, and manipulating the media from the objective coverage, Britain has no change to be awakened.

  11. Spandrell says:

    Nah, the austerity narrative is prevailing. More handouts will be given until Britain joins us PIGS in bankrupcy. Britain is no more.

  12. Gilbert says:

    As English, I am angry at the vandalization of my ancestral homeland by people who do not even belong there. That said, a positive soul such as I looks forever for solace if not encouragement. And in that vein, I would venture that none of these vermin has laid a glove on the ‘artifacts of Western civilization’. I console myself with the thought that when our enemies had us on the run; caught us by surprise; duped us with their phony ‘yo bro’ bonhomie; they sure made the most of their advantage: They pillaged the Hell out of our trash consumer electronics and sneaker stores.

  13. dearieme says:

    Send in the Gurkhas.

  14. Gilbert P. says:

    The Gurkhas would know what to do.
    I really have been reflecting on the whole mess, and am mindful of the fact that so many white English have disgraced themselves. (I would in no way walk back from the idea that this was essentially a black thing but that is a whole other argument, as they say.)
    Anyway, go back to Wodehouse. At the turn of the old Century, he wrote of exactly these lower classes. The white looters are the idiot sons of butlers, chambermaids, publicans and pig handlers. They are criminal types. Look at the riot photos and tell me if you disagree. They are cretinous, depraved individuals to a man ( and I use the term loosely). Re-read the Blandings stories and you will see that nothing has changed except the catastrophic arrival of the Moors, for whom we are still not prepared.

  15. vimothy says:

    It is finished; Britain is finished–though its corpse still twitches and shakes like a decapitated chicken. An old bones dance, a leering, zombied jig. “We the undead people of Britain.” This Sceptred Isle, royal throne of kings, diminished. Its great cities, themselves–yes–“artefacts of civilisation”, diminished, overrun by barbarian hordes, become unreal. The wide horizon collapsed in on its centre. Mere anarchy, let loose. For three days and nights our capital burned, while our leaders sat full-bellied in the Tuscan sun. And here, in the far North, it has started to rain…

  16. vimothy says:

    Word of the week, for those not watching UK tv, is “robust”. Everything that the authorities are doing and are planning to do is “robust”. Robust, robust, robust.

  17. vimothy says:

    ‎”It’s not about that, it’s about the government not being in control, cause if they was we wouldn’t be able to do it, would we?”

  18. genius says:

    Britain hasn’t been successfully invaded in more than a thousand.

    1688 doesn’t count?

  19. RS says:

    Here’s the best(?) continuous video:

  20. RS says:

    I had assumed all this was your basic grab-ass, but when I saw how much had been burned, I was really surprised they hadn’t done anything beyond the ol “let me be clear, this shows a complete lack of respect!”

    What’s the motive for not just whipping out the low-lethality arms in the first place? Either in the first moment, or as soon as it became obvious it was spreading? All this /pointed/ and /emphatic/ jaw-jaw-jaw is truly gay and surreal.

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