Richard Spencer has compiled a useful list of flash mob violence.

Why I am not an extreme libertarian:”

For the most part, human beings do not interact on the basis of contractual arrangements. The quality of human interactions — how one person treats another — depends largely on the degree to which individuals respect and trust each other. Respect and trust arise from a social bond — based on common interests and shared norms — not from contractual arrangements.

I should have posted something on the debt ceiling, but I don’t have anything interesting to say. To a formalist, it’s obvious that the debt ceiling is meaningless. The actual debt of USG is already way above the new “ceiling” (for example – and that’s just an obvious example). Debts count toward the debt ceiling only if USG wants them to. It added no liabilities after it bailed out the entire financial system and automobile manufacturing system other than the direct borrowings associated with the bail outs.

One ounce of religious non-money tradition = $1700” heh.

The Weekly Standard has a great piece on how crappy vodka is. For example:

“But it is the chicken breast of cocktails. It is the most boring, least thoughtful, sort of one that you can mix with. For a craft bartender—someone who believes in humanity—this stuff is just a joke and will fade away.”

It also seems to nicely encapsulate the decline of America:

For 200 years the United States was a brown-spirits nation, and our culture was dominated by whiskey and bourbon (think of Kentucky’s famed Bourbon Trail, Jack Daniel’s, the Whiskey Rebellion of the early 1790s).


2 Responses to Randoms

  1. asdf says:

    Can you write a post on exactly why it’s so impossible to get fired at a federal agency? Exactly how the “Civil Service Rules” work in practice?


  2. K(yle) says:

    Don’t harsh my White Russian buzz. I really don’t get that vodka is flavorless though. It tastes like what it is. Ethanol. Absolut, allegedly one of the ‘purest’ vodkas is the most ethanol tasting to me.

    Vodka does blend well with strong flavors, but not with weak ones. Hence the White Russian. Then again that coffee liquer would probably mask any other white alcohol as well. The vodka martini is indeed an abomination. As the first drink of the evening it tastes like a straight up vodka, and as the last, as a straight up vermouth.

    I will confess that there is a certain fun in observing the transformation from sober to drunk by how much you can actually taste the alcohol in comparison to the herbs.

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