"When you live in the ghetto, this stuff happens" – Marion Barry

Mangan on Greg Clark on the ruling class.

Is this re-de-segregation?

Did we put al Qaeda in charge in Libya?


7 Responses to Randoms

  1. Alrenous says:

    Why does it matter whether ‘we’ put al Qaeda in charge?

    • Foseti says:

      I guess it doesn’t really.

      • Alrenous says:

        Could say it shows that all the thunder against terrorists is SFX. All heat and sound, no light.

        Perhaps it shows ‘we’ don’t care who’s in charge, actually, only that Qaddafi isn’t. And we can probably afford that apathy.

        These themselves have no purpose beyond satisfying curiosity, though.

        I find it interesting that Moldbug has come up with a reason for exporting democracy to Libya, but nobody else has. Even if the war nerd has one, for example, I don’t know what it is. Why there, why now?

        My point being that journalism doesn’t exist. Which again, has no purpose but that I wonder if journalism exists.

  2. josh says:


    I found this grimly amusing. the cabler is positively giddy over some rock throwing.

  3. RS says:

    > Why there, why now?

    I had backed oil as the cause in a previous thread here. However, many say it has to do with finance or the world economic system – currencies, gold, aspects of retaining reserve currency status, considerations of whether oil will continue being priced in $, whatever. It sounds interesting but all of it’s over my head.

    • RS says:

      If I were forced to bet money though – based on who it is who says these sort of things about it being the international econ system, and on how clever or dumb they strike me as – I would bet ‘true’ in a heartbeat. If I were forced to put down $10,000 and set odds, I would set 5:2 for true.

      • Alrenous says:

        Oh yeah, definitely not econ, etc… It’s France this time around. I mean seriously? France? If it were true, that would be some astoundingly successful meat-puppetry.

        Oil, however, means there needs to be specific people getting oil kickbacks, and I don’t see that either. It’s a comically sinister idea.

        Moldbug proposes it’s management of America’s indirect neo-Empire, and any explanation that doesn’t involve that strikes me as cartoonish. Problem with Moldbug’s exact explanation is again the meat-puppetry. That and I’m pre-disposed to believe Moldbug and so I’d rather not until I can at least compare with an alternative.

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