“The Bell Curve Triumphant”

Alt Right had that headline a while ago.

Steve Sailer says basically the same thing yesterday.

I have noticed that most of the bitching about the “death of the middle class” is basically just reiterating that same point.

The Bell Curve was written quite a while ago. Since then, society has become more polarized by IQ, the results have become obvious to everyone (and they’re the results that the book predicted – a society of a few super intelligent and a lot of idiots), and everyone is really surprised and confused.

It’s sort of amazing to see so many smart people come up with so many convoluted theories as to how this situation has come about. (Try reading this, for example, ugh).

No doubt they’ll propose a laundry list of solutions that will fail to make the stupid smart and the smart stupid.

I sometimes think that it’s too bad the book mentioned race at all, since the topic makes everyone shriek like frightened children and lose their sanity. The overall point of the book was profound, and increasingly obviously, true.

The consequences may be very unfortunate, but I guess we’re not allowed to think about it. All we can do is laugh while everyone else fails to understand the increasingly obvious.


5 Responses to “The Bell Curve Triumphant”

  1. Handle says:

    “I sometime think that it’s too bad the book mentioned race at all, since the topic makes everyone shriek like frightened children and lose their sanity.”

    What Murray learned from his two-minutes hate experience was to make the same argument by focusing exclusively on different classes of a single race. His upcoming books, for example, only talks about White Americans. You might be able to talk about Northeast Asians too. But that’s probably it.

  2. prcaldude@gmail.com says:

    Sailer commenters and HBD enthusiastics are always reading the tea leaves for evidence that their ideas are finally becoming popular with the mainstream/Left. Is there any real evidence for this? I talked to a chick from Detroit the other day and even though she and I were on the same page, we referred to concepts in code.

    We’re a long way off from embracing the Bell Curve. The lie is much easier to accept than the truth.

  3. james wilson says:

    Tocqueville’s great book might well have been entitled Equality in America since he regarded equality as the lethal disease of democracy. He observed how American methods of the day kept that under control.

    A nineteenth century English philosopher calculated that there is some natural ratio of 16:1 for which humans are held in orbit for the advancement of their lives both economically and spiritually to a single person. As we equalize that ratio we lower ourselves in proportion. Gratitude would be in order instead.

  4. With the thoughts you’d be thinkin says:

    James could you dig up a source/name of that philospher?
    Seems like interesting stuff.

    • james wilson says:

      No, regrettably I did not bookmark him and will never remember where to look. I do remember it was 1860-70’s era. Too many good men to chose from.

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