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Whenever I meet a vegan, I ask her (or him, but really still her) if she’s pro-life. So far none of them have been pro-life (but it’s been a pretty small sample size). Presumably, this means that the vegans I’ve met think it’s wrong to eat an animal fetus, but ok to abort a human fetus.

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  1. CTD says:

    Not all vegans are opposed specifically to killing animals. Some of them do it for health reasons, or because they hate themselves.

  2. samsonsjawbone says:

    Indeed, most ardent pro-lifers have made this observation themselves.

    • Foseti says:

      Interesting. It was new to me. The human ability to justify conflicting beliefs is pretty incredible.

      • samsonsjawbone says:

        Well, most *thoughtful” pro-lifers. Obviously the bulk of people of any persuasion don’t make any insightful observations.

      • anonymous says:

        But given that man’s “reasoning” ability primarily evolved not to find truth but to convince others of things and to decide who to listen to, it is not surprising. And also women’s entire “reasoning” ability is actually a justifying ability.

  3. K(yle) says:

    One would hope those vegans are opposed to the eating of aborted human fetuses.

  4. samsonsjawbone says:

    It may be worth mentioning, too, that consistency ought to work both ways, and in fact being pro-life gives me some sympathy for vegeterianism.

  5. Salem says:

    I saw this observation made recently on another website, and I actually brought it up at dinner last night.

    Then I ordered the veal.

  6. Frost says:

    Never before in my life have I been looking forward to my next conversation with a vegan…

  7. Apropos of rather little: Canada’s Green Party leader Elizabeth May (who was recently elected to Parliament) stumbled into some controversy about five years back for making statements which were taken to be insufficiently pro-choice by the guardians of polite opinion. I believe she is a vegetarian or pescatarian.

  8. Leonard says:

    What Kyle said. There’s no contradiction there, so long as the person is not attempting to justify her stance by means of animal rights. Now, if that is the case — that the vegan thinks that, for example, chicken eggs have a right to life that trumps their evident tastiness — then there is a contradiction worth exploring.

    FYI, the vegans I have known do tend towards animal rights but only for substantial animals — mammals, mainly. They still swat mosquitoes. Their veganess is (IMO) driven by normal progressive status-preening, and the yuck factor around meat that many people who’ve never been hungry have.

    • Handle says:

      Here is the terminology I most often read to denote these phenomena.

      “normal progressive status-preening” = “Moral Exhibitionism”

      “towards animal rights but only for substantial animals — mammals, mainly.” = “Charismatic Macrofauna”

  9. Linkage says:

    […] instructs on the always-useful skill of making a vegan’s head explode. Also, see his review of Robert Welch’s The Politician. Any more reading recommendations for […]

  10. sardonic_sob says:

    I think my followup question would be, “Would you consider eating meat if it came from aborted animal fetuses?”

    This promises no end of entertainment.

  11. Handle says:

    I don’t see the essential contradiction here. It’s something that can be plausible philosophically salvaged, I suppose. I don’t adhere to those first principles, but acting as the Advocatus Diaboli here I could say:

    1. As a Vegan, if I and my children were starving and the only thing to eat was meat, we would eat instead of starve ourselves, because while evil, it is the lesser evil. Most religions with dietary restrictions contain this balancing moral-calculus “reasonableness” exception.
    2. As regards abortion, I will similarly concede that the destruction of a human fetus may be evil, but is a lesser evil than the government having control over a woman’s body and forcing her life path into an undesired pregnancy and motherhood. Sexual and personal freedom is important, but a natural consequence many women will get pregnant by mistake, and the permissibility of early abortion is less evil than restricting sexual freedom and forcing mistakenly-pregnant women to abandon their chosen life plans.
    3. This is similar to the stated position of many pro-life Americans who find abortion evil, but in the case of incest or rape or medical circumstances which threaten the life of the woman, find it to be a lesser evil than requiring the woman to continue the pregnancy to term.

    The big moral questions, like torture in interrogation, for example, are often about what is the greater good or lesser evil. The inability of most people to think in terms of reason and balance, “It’s just wrong!” is, alas, just the way things are.

  12. ve says:

    I had many vegan friends growing up. They were young skateboarder punks. They were all pro-life, and they would even go to protests alongside the evangelicals with whom they had nothing else in common.

    • Alrenous says:

      Perhaps I shouldn’t ask, but…
      What does skateboarding have to do with veganism and being pro-life? Shouldn’t they disagree roughly as often as the population as a whole?

      • Ben says:

        They were probably part of the Straight Edge movement, which is the absurd union of hardcore punk and sanctimonious puritanism.

      • Alrenous says:

        I am interested.
        The puritanism is obviously because they noticed that taking drugs isn’t wise. But what makes it punk? It’s not just a particular musical style, is it? What does punk music have to do with skateboarding?

  13. isamu says:

    Vegans don’t eat eggs for the same reason that they don’t drink milk: because they are against “enslaving” animals for use by humans. There isn’t any contradiction with abortion and, besides, using “gotcha”-type contradictions is a useless way to argue against anything.

  14. Don’t vegans also refuse to eat dairy foods?

  15. rightsaidfred says:

    What I want to know…do attractive vegan women swallow…?

  16. Alrenous says:

    Classic ingroup-suite disease. They want you to believe they came to their beliefs by reason. In fact, they adopted one belief – most likely because they want to be seen a certain way – and all its associates came along for the ride.

    The vegan suite contains quite a few more than just ‘pro-choice,’ and if I knew them all I could predict which ones you’d also find. They’re not only progressive but a highly specific species of progressive. It’s also fun to reverse it – ask about all the vegan suite members and then conclude they’re a vegan. They’ll think you’re psychic.

  17. Agnello says:

    “One would hope those vegans are opposed to the eating of aborted human foetuses.”
    The term,K(yle),is “embryonic stem cell therapy”.Necromancy comes in many forms.
    “In fact, they adopted one belief – most likely because they want to be seen a certain way – and all its associates came along for the ride.”
    Alrenous has made an observation which fits,here – being a vegan has little to do with animal rights, and a great deal to do with being better than non-vegans.
    It is for this reason that conversation with Vegans is impossible – they are not attempting to convey or receive information or knowledge, but only to demonstrate their own superiority.
    Thus,also,there is no conflict of beliefs – the “pro-choice” position is,precisely, that some of us are worth more than others, and it is acceptable to kill the others,in order to preserve scarce resources for the important people.
    (People who signal their importance to one another via,for instance, vegetarianism).

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