Randoms of the day

Dysgenics: "A full 43% of skilled white-collar Gen X women, ages 33 to 46 years old, haven’t yet had children based on a study of 2,952 college-educated white-collar workers released last week." It’s incredible that this is considered progress.

Mises apparently suffers from "make-work bias".

I could hear the music from this festival from my backyard. The last time I was up on H Street, I saw a homeless (I think) black guy yelling at a hipster for taking pictures of him.

Note to self: if there’s a riot in DC, go to a book store.

The right moves ever-leftward.

Borepatch on raising boys.

Sonic Charmer on political labels.

"Unhappiness is not born of difficulty, of effort, of exertion. Instead, discontent is wrought of confusion, uncertainty, and unpredictability." (Here)


9 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. samsonsjawbone says:

    A full 43% of skilled white-collar Gen X women, ages 33 to 46 years old, haven’t yet had children

    I don’t really believe this statistic. Even the well-educated physicians that I work with almost all have children. I see stats like the 2.whatever birth rate and I think, where are all these women who aren’t having children? I sure don’t know them, and my collar is pretty darn white.

  2. rightsaidfred says:

    From what I see the stats are accurate. A striking number of women in my age cohort don’t have kids — all that energy went into their careers, or “lifestyle”.

    Doctors and nurses tend to be more fecund. Finance and entertainment, not so much.

    “I have seen the best genes of my generation destroyed by alleged progress.”

  3. samsonsjawbone says:

    Well… *shrug* I don’t want to commit the “nobody *I* know voted for Reagan” mistake. Maybe the statistics don’t lie.

  4. PA says:

    My observation? lots of smart white semi-professional girls in late 20s and early 30s have boyfriends who are dragging their feet with marriage/kids.

    Good news: these girls will likely play catch-up. Girls like that I knew 10 years ago, all had 2-3 kids real quick by their mid 30s.

  5. […] is alarmed that 43% of white-collar American women between ages 33 and 46 have never had a […]

  6. Hail says:

    Your first point there inspired some delving-into 2010 Census data by me, and a post: Childless Generation X women.

  7. Alrenous says:

    Re: Mises.
    It looks like you’ve recognized anti-bias bias disease, but taking your treatment too far.

    Mises’ objection to youth unemployment isn’t economic. It’s about morality and personal development.

    Also, he uses the term ‘forced’ to remain idle. Youth don’t need to be counter-forced to get a job, and definitely don’t need to be forced to get a job doing something a machine could do.

    If they’re forced to be idle, that means they’re not starving to death. That means their time is their own. That means they can pursue their dreams. Pursuing your dreams, assuming only that you care enough about the dream to pursue its reality and not an illusion, is not only sufficient for moral health, but actually superior to a job.

    Well, their time is their own unless someone is deliberately incarcerating them away from productive materials.

    You can see this in Amish villages. Around puberty, boys stop being lazy and start developing a desire to be productive. They’ll still complain about chores but start chomping at the bit to be allowed into the workshop, and get all satisfied and fulfilled – the opposite of fractious – once they’re there. (I think I can dredge up a link, if you want.) By the time they’re fourteen, they’re more responsible than standard western college grads.

    Knowing that what you’re doing is worthless to anyone around you is morally debilitating. (E.g. schoolwork, things machines can do, or doing nothing at all.) Moreover nobody makes mistakes about. If you’re doing something valueless, you know.

  8. Anonymous says:

    by the way, I will like to know who you are. I want to expose you and get you fired.

  9. anonymous says:

    @PA- I am in mid-20s, when I consider marriage, I think: I don’t want to take on a girl’s student loan debt, and I don’t want to have a child unless I have a secure high income (rare) so I can afford safe schools. And it also has to be a job I can stand doing (also rare) because I won’t be able to just up and quit if i get bored once there is a kid involved. And I don’t want to have a daughter, period. I expect this is how a lot of my peers think too.

    Also, we have seen the sky high divorce rates and how badly the process always turns out for the man. Even though blogs like this have pointed out that upper-middle class has a much lower risk of divorce, that just doesn’t really sink in. There is kind of a nagging fear of that, which influences “feet dragging”. And then there’s also generally low quality of women. How sure are you that these girls are even good girlfriends?

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