Here’s an HBD blogger at Harvard Law, good stuff so far.

Here’s a Moldbuggian analysis of Juggalos.

Bruce Charlton on anti-slavery.

Tribalism is interested in you. "It is patently unreasonable to expect that a group that has a significant—even, say a 1/2 sigma—disadvantage in a major metric of success in your country will not seek to use the political process to overturn said disadvantage." This is – after all – the whole point of democracy.

Mr. Roach on government and marriage: "Government involvement in marriage is more like government’s involvement in property and less like, say, drug laws." I’m not sure I agree with this argument, but it’s worth reading in full.

Isegoria digs up more on dysgenics.

Jim thinks we need a dictator.

Kalim Kassam links to this helpful Wikipedia page on Soviet spies.

Diversity is not peace.

Here are three sentences from Matthew Yglesias, see if you can spot the contradiction:

The only crime she’s committed [i.e. illegally immigrating to the US] occurred when she was 12, happened at the behest of her parents, and had no discernible victims. And she’s been educated at taxpayer expense.


4 Responses to Randoms

  1. dearieme says:

    The spies for the USSR – there seems to be a lack of ghetto names. Didn’t people believe in diversity back then?

  2. Matt Weber says:

    Yglesias is exhibit A in immigration being a theological issue for liberals now.

  3. Chris says:

    “educated at taxpayer expense” vs. “no discernable victims”, or just plain old “immigrating to the US” vs. “no discernable victims”?

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