Statistics is not science.

Auster on America’s foreign policy.

Mangan on Zakaria:

Zakaria is a good example of one thing that immigration has done to this country. Rather than assimilate to American norms (whatever they are these days), Zakaria and other immigrant political entrepreneurs – Soros comes to mind – set about changing the nation in ways adverse to the native population. It all ends up like this: they end up lecturing you on the meaning and ideals of your own country, as well as telling you what you may or may not do with it.

Sonic Charmer:

Like the rest of you, I wake up daily with bated breath in anticipation of whether Europe will Technocratically Solve Its Financial Problems by sneaking through just the right clever accounting trick in a Summit With Important European People.

(He also had a very nice comment on my regulation post from yesterday)


I have to put this racial hissy fit in print because it’s just that good.

Public Discourse:

Women have abortions because (among other reasons) they are able to learn the sex of their unborn baby and kill her if she’s a girl.

Mises Blog:

The issue concerns: why does banking seem to be broken? The answer has to do with the ridiculously low interest rates. Banks are drowning in cash – tending toward 100% reserve by default.

People generally forget that the Fed has a triple mandate (not the oft-cited dual mandate). The Fed is supposed to ensure price stability (stop laughing), keep unemployment low, and regulate large financial firms. The third – oft-forgotten – mandate probably explains the Fed’s behavior better than the other two most of the time. Those who want more money printed these days forget that more money printed means even lower yields (assuming that’s possible). This becomes self-defeating as it makes banking less profitable and encourages banks to hoard cash.


5 Responses to Randoms

  1. Eugenicist says:

    Women have abortions because (among other reasons) they are able to learn the sex of their unborn baby and kill her if she’s a girl.

    Of course, we have seen what the high female to male ratio does in universities in the US.

    Perhaps those women who are aborting female fetuses are doing those females who are born a favor.

  2. Matt Weber says:

    Zakaria is a globalist, with all the attendant foolishness that comes with it, but in this case he is simply acting in accordance with the signals. If we tell foreigners to come here, give them prolific media jobs, and tell them to give their opinions on American society then that’s what they’ll do. Zakaria, like most immigrants, doesn’t really have that much of an agenda, and in any case would have no way of expressing it if not for the white people who give him a platform. I remember a piece he wrote right after becoming a citizen that mentioned his reason for wanting to be here, namely that America is basically a peaceful place where you can live a somewhat normal existence without fear of terrorism or some other evil. He doesn’t have much love for George Washington, no, but then who does? Even Mangan admits that there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of norms to assimilate to anymore.

    All this is really to say that rightists focus too much on this or that immigrant patsy when it is liberal whites who are and have always been the real enemy.

  3. Alrenous says:

    ‘Regulate?’ That’s too vague, I just realized.
    So most Fed behaviour is explained by pursuing a mandate with no objective measure of success.

    • Foseti says:

      There is definitely no objective measure of success. The only measure I’ve ever seen used is: is the new regulation complete. A new regulation is therefore, by definition, a success.

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