Randoms of the day

Eugenicist on public opinion.

Fake Herzog doesn’t like my analysis of American Empire from yesterday. I should point out that my actual thoughts on the subject of American empire are basically the same as Devin’s.

Speaking of foreign policy, at least we have victory in Libya.

In the 21st Century, even the bikers in biker gangs are sort of gay. We really do need classical masculinity.

Thus spaketh the tyrant: "My view is that what’s really needed is a political system and policy framework that display equal concern for the interests of all the members of the community."


5 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. You know you’re a reactionary when you read Matthew Yglesias critique another political position and are immediately reminded of ecclesiastical scholars dickering over the nature of Mary or somesuch other issue.

  2. spandrell9 says:

    Classical masculinity for all :

    Seeing the collapse is nigh, I think its a good investment

  3. Alex J. says:

    My position is that I should decide for me and Yglesias should decide for Yglesias. That’s equal concern of the policy framework. Yglesias’ position is that he and people like him (not me) should decide for “us”.

    FWIW, I understand Foseti to hold that people-like-him deciding for “us” is better than people-like-Barney-Frank deciding for us, which may also be true.

  4. Alrenous says:

    The reason classical masculinity failed is because it’s broken in a few ways and these points formed weaknesses. The Athenian tradition tolerates no more logical weakness than the Spartan tolerates physical weakness.

    Not the least, Athenian masculinity is subtly different from Spartan.

    While it is fixable, attempting to revive it without fixing the issues will only result in it falling to the same illness that felled it the first time around. Generally speaking, proggie criticisms of masculinity are accurate. (It’s just that their alternatives are even worse, as they were formed to seize power, not to serve individuals.)

  5. The Other Eugenicist says:

    Iraqu General says they won’t be able to defend themselves before 2020.

    Is Obama removing US troops from Iraq so that the Israelis have a clear shot at Iran or so that Iran has a clear shot at hegemony over the region?

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