Game vs MRA

While I was taking an unplanned vacation from blogging, there was a big debate on game versus MRA. Frost ably represented the game movement.

I agree with the pro-game side (perhaps closest to OneSTDV), but not without much more nuance that (apparently all other) pro-game commentators. I think the gamers are correct about the problem and the solution, but they’re too nihilistic for my tastes. Frost, for example, is moving to Thailand to chase women, apparently. Best of luck to him, but he – in some ways – encapsulates my reservations about the game-types. At least the MRAs know what they want at the end.

In my experience, happiness – it turns out – isn’t that hard to find. It’s the same, old, boring lifestyle that everyone mocks or proclaims as dead and that the vast majority of intelligent Americans are still living. The MRAers are just trying to get that back. They don’t know how to do it, and their ideas are generally wrong, but they’ve got an end point. A good one at that.

8 Responses to Game vs MRA

  1. Handle says:

    Maybe a synthesis is in order. Game to attract a mate and maintain attraction through long-term relationship, marriage, and family, and MRA to define a traditional vision of what those relationships should look best encourage happiness for all parties.

  2. Simon says:

    Handle, I think I’ve seen something like that before, I think it was called Christianity, might be wrong though.

  3. Spandrell says:

    Christianity never involved much Game. Women were shamed into liking poetry writing betas, that’s all?

    What’s with everyone thinking Christianity is the solution? Seems like the muslim brotherhood slogan to me

  4. K(yle) says:

    I disagree that the MRA is traditionalist. There are some traditionalists that commiserate with MRA talking points, and write on MRA topics, just like there are libertarians that do. As an anti-feminist movement, it is going to attract mostly people on the right.

    Glenn Sacks and Paul Elam are leftists though; and so is the basic movement. You have some MRAs that want a return to traditional values, but most MRA seems like a critique of feminism in that it is misandrist rather than egalitarian, and that Red Pill-informed egalitarianism is the ideal. That often trends right on into misogyny, but I’m sure a lot of feminist rank and file think they are egalitarians as well.

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