A reactionary take on China.

"Without structure, there can be no virtue, only subsistence."

Bryan Caplan: "Right-wingers should spend a lot more time reading left-wing ethnography of the poor. It may seem strange, but when leftist social scientists actually talk to and observe the poor, they confirm the stereotypes of the harshest Victorian. Poverty isn’t about money; it’s a state of mind. That state of mind is low conscientiousness." I find that everything I read confirms Victorian stereotypes, bring on the neo-Victorians.

Arnold Kling doesn’t think it’s possible to say what is motivating OWS. I still think it’s about violence and I think that my prediction is looking pretty good.


The worst aspect of a meritocracy is its lack of respect for tradition. Meritocracy represents the ultimate triumph of theory and potential over experience and reliability, so it should come as little surprise that by historical standards, the new meritocratic societies appear to be destroying themselves in a remarkably short period of time.

On prescription drug abuse and legalizing drugs.

"The Middle Ages did not care about giving everybody an equal position, but did care about giving everybody a position." – Chesterton


Looks like blacks commit most of the hate crimes in DC (assuming that its mostly blacks targeting those with different "sexual orientations," a gay name for gays).

The actual list of Journolisters is pretty interesting, if unsurprising.

Malcolm Pollack:

We are reminded daily by our ruling elites that “our diversity is our strength”, but the truth — a truth that was simple common sense in a saner era — is that it comes at a heavy cost. What is intolerable to an ideology that sees Diversity as the greatest possible good is the simple, natural fact that discrimination — meaning, at its most basic, “we are this and not that” — is intrinsic to, and essential for, the very existence of culture itself.

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