– On the martini:

If we put at one end of things the very thirsty man who fills his glass with a roaring torrent of tap water and then chugs it down, and at the other end of things the host who, before his guests arrive, has placed his martini glasses in the freezer to chill them and who has stabbed his olives (or onions or capers or who has shaved his lemon), and who, once his guests arrive, shakes or stirs his gin and vermouth and at last lovingly pours drinks all the way around, you have in bold relief the thing that distinguishes the martini from chugged water—and also from every drink in between them, for in between the thirsty man and the martini drinker stand all other drinks and all other drinkers, all of whom dwell on a kind of continuum that excludes no one.

William Jennings Bryan and Human Neurological Uniformity

Immigrants and jobs – unsurprisingly, kicking out poor, un-skilled immigrants reduces unemployment.


The astute reader will, by now, have picked up on an omission: nowhere have I mentioned liberal ideography. There is a reason for this omission: there may be a few minor differences, but at least on the major points, the liberal ideography is the American ideography. Most ideographs used by liberals are also used by conservatives, and with the same intended effect. (This is less so on the alt-right; one of the many instances of convergent evolution between Mencius Moldbug and the European New Right is their explicit refudiation of that ideography.)

Now consider the history of the American ideography. Its terms have changed consistently, and in a consistent direction: leftward. Equality under the law became equality of opportunity, and is now becoming equality of outcome. Freedom from the tyranny of a single, unelected, overactive monarch became freedom from fear and want, and is now becoming freedom from any sort of moral judgment of all but the most repulsive forms of libertinism. And so on. Considering the structure and history of this ideography, and its identification with ‘Americanism’, there can be no American Right. The American ideography does not hold promise for conservatives, and yet they do not challenge it; in fact, they do the opposite, and in doing so, sign their own death sentence.

That is the failure of conservatism.

– Uh oh: Fertility is dysgenic.

The Slitty Eye:

In a colosseum gladiators were forced to fight each other or against some wild beast for the entertainment of the crowd. In Balkan, former-Yugoslavia in particular, different ethnic groups were exactly reenacting the colosseum show after 2000 years, only this time we watch the whole thing through the news program of our TV channel.

– GLP rounds up links on the recent race and IQ dust up. I’d add Ilkka, Heartiste, Mangan, and HS.

– Uh oh, we’ve run out of Nazis.

– Nice to see Tyler Cowen joining the reactionary fold.

Simon Grey:

The left’s alleged compassion for common laborers has rendered them unnecessary because of the changes leftists have enacted on their behalf.

The next step is learning that this was the goal all-along.


6 Responses to Randoms

  1. Fake Herzog says:

    Foseti (and Simon),

    Great to finally see some unemployment numbers out of Alabama — does that mean the catfish plant finally found some workers?

  2. Simon Grey says:

    @Herzog- Presumably so. That, or did something more productive than make catfish.

    @Foseti- Thanks for the linkage.

  3. CTD says:

    These arguments about low-skilled or low-IQ workers having no place in our economy are piffle. At lunch today I had to dip my tortilla chips into my salsa myself. At the current minimum wage, it’s not worth it for me to hire someone to do that – but I suggest that there are wages where it is.

  4. Gorbachev says:

    Of course fertility is dysgenic. You don’t expect successful people to breed, do you?

    That would waste reources.

    Call it the pill’s collateral damagel.

  5. Gorbachev says:

    Of course, this is not to say that I personally mind – that much.

  6. Hail says:

    Of course fertility is dysgenic. You don’t expect successful people to breed, do you?

    Fertility was not always dysgenic. If it were, we Europeans would never have risen above the rest of the world.

    The thesis of Gregory Clark in ‘Farewell to Alms‘ goes something like this:
    The top elements of the IQ spectrum in Northwest-Europe, particularly Britain, had the most surviving children from the middle ages on through the 1700s, as can be seen in records. The Industrial Revolution screwed this up, but the momentum built-up by a score of generations of eugenic breeding served to keep us going for another half-dozen or so generations, and Northwest-Europeans were obviously at the fore of the human race, in essentially every way, by the era of the world wars. Stories like this suggest we are riding the downward wave, now.

    Why did the top elements of the IQ spectrum have the most surviving children in the old days in Europe? That’s complicated, and the book spends hundreds of pages on it. It has to do, in part, with sexual exclusivity in marriage. Sex outside marriage was ‘socially punished’ almost like felonious crime remains so today among whites, and marriage was expensive.

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