– "Leftism is the state at prayer."

– I can’t think of a better example of the leftist phenomenon at work than that profiled in this article on Occupy Wall Street. There are too many parts to excerpt. It’s leftism in action – do read the whole thing.

– Ferd argues that marriage makes men stupid. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until next month for what will probably be the best reply to his argument, courtesy of Charles Murray. It appears that Murray will show that, in fact, stupid men (and women) are the ones not married. Marriage – increasingly – is an institution for the upper classes. So, if you’re comfortable being a prole, by all means, don’t get married.

What’s really important?

– Mangan finds that children are being forced to eat carbs in Finland.


– Mitt Romney’s blogging HQ reacts to Ron Paul’s lead in Iowa

3 Responses to Randoms

  1. Upper class people may marry and stay married because they are personally trustworthy, and plan to be around for their children even though society and the law no longer enforces it. A high IQ wife will stick it out because is aware of her sexual market value rapidly declining with each year and each child, while a male will stick it out because, hell, divorce is horribly expensive and hard on his kids. A low IQ wife is apt to believe she is more attractive at thirty five than she was at nineteen, and so deserves to not only marry a doctor, but a doctor who is considerably younger and slimmer than the doctor she married and who fathered her two kids.

    Female lawyers tend to not marry, and to divorce if married, because people, particularly other lawyers, are apt to doubt that lawyers are trustworthy.

    A high IQ woman is apt to accrue more educational qualifications, delaying marriage and reducing her prospects of ever having children, but for a given educational attainment, high IQ women are more apt to get married, probably because they have a more accurate perception of time running out.

  2. B says:

    >I can’t think of a better example of the leftist phenomenon at work than that profiled in this article on Occupy Wall Street.

    “Alongside the essay was a list of powerful neoconservatives, with asterisks next to the names of those who Lasn believed were Jewish.”

    Oh, ja, das ist fantastische! Ich spritze!

  3. spandrell says:

    Funny thing about how the roissysphere doesn´t understand that hedonism is just not for everyone. Its one thing for the French aristocracy to play hedonist during the 18th century, but you can´t expect that everyone can be successful at that.
    Hedonism is damn expensive. And Game can only take you so far.

    Thanks for the link, btw.

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