American and European

Yesterday I criticized OneSTDV for suggesting that that white Christian America was somehow non-hostile to the reactionary cause. Mangan made a similar suggestion. He noted that certain ideals were American and European, while failing to mention that the ideas he had condemned in the previous paragraphs were . . . American and European.

Jim posted something today which at first may seem unrelated, but which makes my point better than I did:

La Griffe du Lion finds that though the average criminality of blacks is substantially higher than that of whites, the variance is substantially lower. This predicts that under a firm and effective law enforcement environment, in which only the most criminally inclined misbehaved, a black majority area would be safer than a white majority area. However in a lax environment, in modern anarcho tyranny where everything has been criminalized, except crime, which has been decriminalized, the difference between blacks and the more evolved types of human is exceptionally visible, and the fact that no one can speak of it exceptionally ludicrous. . . .

La Griffe Du Lion’s analysis shows that though the typical black is criminally inclined, and the typical white is not, the exceptionally and extraordinarily criminally inclined individual is typically white, not black. Just as very smart people are overwhelmingly male, due to the greater male variance in IQ, very criminal people are overwhelmingly white. . . .

Singapore does not allow us to test this theoretical prediction, because by and large, they just don’t let black people in, however the America of the past does allow us to test this prediction, since back then, most crimes would get you immediately hung from a tree. Consistent with this prediction, we read Nehemiah Adams in “A Southside View of Slavery” telling us how peaceable and well behaved negroes are. Similarly, Froude in “The Bow of Ulysses” never pays the slightest attention to whether or not he is in an all black area. Carlyle in “Occasional Discourse on the Nigger Question” remarks on how negroes thrive under white rule and are made into good people, and argues that God and/or Nature makes it the duty of whites to so rule backs for the good of their souls, and if not so ruled, blacks will prey upon each other. . . .

The solution, therefore, is not separation of whites and blacks, but just, efficient, and swift law enforcement, preferably with offenders hanging by their necks from trees, something that democracy is unlikely to provide us because we have wound up with rule by those who steal the money of the productive to buy themselves the electorate they want.

4 Responses to American and European

  1. josh says:

    I noticed the same thing as Jim in reading the same things as Jim.

  2. j says:

    Public security in pre-independence Africa was exceptionally good. From the vintage point of 2012 it seems so incredible…

  3. Gian says:

    Does the term “more evolved’ is scientific at all?

    Evolution, as I see it, seeks to adapt organisms to their environment and is held to be direction-less. This is where the modern biologists differ from 19C naturalists.

  4. Phlebas says:

    >Is the term “more evolved’ scientific at all?

    From a brief glance over the paper that our friend Jim linked to, I discerned that some of the phylogenetic graphs of human ethnic groups and non-human primates imply visually that negroes have changed less than other ethnic groups in recent evolutionary history, and are therefore more similar to non-human primates. However, I expect that this superficial impression is an invalid way of interpreting such graphs.

    In any case, it makes more sense to interpret such a statement metaphorically. Humans are at the end of a long chain of ancestor species, which as a matter of fact have generally increased in complexity and intelligence over time. Therefore, metaphorically speaking (although the logical necessity does not hold), we associate “more evolved” species with possession of greater complexity and greater intelligence, i.e. possession of the traits that most distinguish humans from other animals. Therefore, to describe negroes as less evolved metaphorically speaking can be taken as a rather cruel means of implying that they possess the features than we consider to distinguish sapient from non-sapient beings to a lesser extent than do many other ethnic groups.

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