Randoms of the day

Round up of thoughts on democracy

Falkenstein on Murray:

successful people are ashamed to assert they have better genetics, values, and habits–even though they quietly believe it to be true–and so are content to let the media and intellectuals push the delusional idea that success is like when Paris Hilton had sex on a digital camera and built a career out of it: luck, connections, and chutzpah, but no discipline, ingenuity, and perseverence . . . A simple prosperous mensch who does not hypocritically claim he primarily works for others is off the radar, implicitly insulting to any intellectual making considerably less than him.

– Is Don Boudreaux arguing that Americans should be cool with losing their jobs to Chinese people today because of Mao, or am I missing something?

– Schools in Newark are going to get super awesome . . . what could go wrong now?

Kling on Murray

Spandrell on Murray:

Charles Murray is calling attention to the rising inequality, as if it were a bad thing. He of all people should know its human nature. You can’t fight it. Why should we anyway? Let us fight to be in the 20%. That’s how good culture is produced.

Douthat on Nisbet


5 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Dave says:

    Reading Boudreaux cured me of most of my libertarianism. I think it was when he started referring to political boundaries as “ancient superstitions.”

  2. sardonic_sob says:

    No, that’s pretty much exactly his argument,although it is basically one big plea for pity wrapped in a rather pitiful logical fallacy. Which makes a nice ironic balance.

  3. josh says:

    Re: Spandrell

    There simply used to be a much larger percentage of good culture. In the 1930s, there was apparently a Sibelius craze in America.

  4. asdf says:

    The problem isn’t the existence of the upper class. The problem is that large sections of the upper class are not engaged in wealth creating industries. If it was all guys like Steve Jobs is might not be terrible, but instead its a growing portion of investment bankers, lawyers, etc. Even many professions in the medical field are clearly waste.

    People don’t resent the upper class when they grow the pie, they resent it when most of their effort goes to maximizing their own share.

  5. Gilbert says:

    This Falkenstein seems a bit, er, self-hating.

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