Formalism and coalition

Sigh: "And all of these people have the right to vote.

– Arnold Kling has some thoughts that nicely follow my earlier ones on sorting versus signalling.

Third world slums

– AltRight on the dark side of game

Dalrymple on Downton Abbey:

For many Americans, watching "Downton Abbey" must be like indulging in a guilty passion. Indeed, the series is almost a pornography of class and hierarchy. . . .

"Downton Abbey" comes, then, as a relief to Americans, in the way that a politically incorrect remark comes as a relief when something that’s true has been exiled from polite speech. Class does not just speak its name in "Downton Abbey," it screams it.

The aristocracy might be selfish and sometimes cruel, but it’s also witty, cultivated, mannerly and effortlessly elegant and self-assured.


7 Responses to Randoms

  1. “Sigh: ‘And all of these people have the right to vote.'”

    But it’s not like limiting the vote to “smart” people would be much better (or, rather, people who know enough about religion to pass a quiz). It might slightly improve an election’s outcome, but plenty of liberals would still vote, and more importantly—it would still be a democracy…

    • Foseti says:

      More importantly indeed

    • sardonic_sob says:

      From what I’ve seen, massaged poll-results from either side notwithstanding, there seems to be no significant correlation between pure intelligence and political affiliation. That right there tells you that the problem is not stupid voters, it is voters.

      • My reply is that the problem is voting by net tax consumers. Limiting voting to contributors (warriors and net taxpayers) would be an improvement. No public schoolteachers, civil servants, military contractors, or welfare recipients would be voting.

        After the collapse, we may well end up with absolute dictatorship or a military junta, so it may not matter, but I don’t think voting itself is the problem. (Incidentally, I can’t see how a formalist alternative to republicanism–neocamerialism–can function without voting either.)

      • Foseti says:

        Voting is not equivalent to democracy. Responsibility without accountability is the essence of democracy. And universal suffrage is the pinnacle of responsibility without accountability.

  2. Whenever someone says that an act is “revolutionary”, I am immediately thrust into thoughts of Soviet propaganda.

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