Randoms of the day

This is actually precisely the opposite of what Yale did to Britain post-war.

– Will the sex robots get here before the untreatable gonorrhea? Either way, it’s progress.

– You almost have to be racist about your doctor

– 21st Century America sure is vibrant.

cxlxmxrx on Murray

Frost on Valentine’s day:

The twenty-first century! The Age Of The Man-Child!

The callous, carefree cad with whom women are beguiled.

But they ask: What has become of men we could respect?

The men with better lines, than “Hello – are you wet? ”

The answer is, that man is dead. The Man-child is his heir.

Commitment and monogamy? Not while they have their hair.

Now ladies, you may think this world to be a bit macabre,

But happy Valentine’s anyways! Now how ’bout a blowjob?

6 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. robert61 says:

    Re the Yale article:
    1) No evidence is presented that anybody at Yale had these horribly ‘sinister’ motives in mind.
    2) What exactly is sinister about them?

  2. josh says:

    Speaking of Yale’s 20th century creepiness, ever read Anthony Sutton’s book about Skull and Bones. I don’t really buy the analysis, but the names, family and business connections, and creepy things they did are pretty amazing.

  3. dearieme says:

    I was terribly ill in hospital once. I hoped madly that my doc would be a Scot or a Jew. In he walked: “Hello, I’m Hamish McLevin”. Hurray!

  4. spandrell says:

    With untreatable gonorrhea…

    I wouldn’t buy Thailand sovereign bonds.

  5. Ariston says:

    My mother (an RN) always say, “Someone has to be bottom of their class in med school”, meaning “be careful about who your doctor is”.

  6. a_random_guy says:

    This is exactly why affirmative action is counterproductive. I am absolutely not racist, but I would never voluntarily go to a black or hispanic doctor – precisely because unqualified blacks and hispanics are admitted in order to make quotas.

    Heck, the same applies to attorneys, engineers, and many other professions. I went to school with a hispanic woman who relished the fact that she didn’t have to actually do any of the work – being both hispanic and a woman, she knew the school would graduate her no matter what she did.

    This is a huge disservice to the blacks and hispanics who are qualified, because their potential customers have no way to sort them out from the riffraff.

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