– There have been a lot of car break-ins in my neighborhood. Most of my neighbors consider these to be laws of nature – if you leave something visible in your car (something as insignificant as a pen, for example), your car will get broken into. The Washington Post has a local story on this issue, and I can’t resist quoting the beginning:

David Vines had been arrested almost five dozen times, about half of them for breaking into cars, when he appeared before a D.C. judge in November. He promised to return to the courtroom the next day to continue the hearing.

He never made it: He’d been arrested again, charged with breaking into another car. It was his 59th lockup.

Maybe the 60th time will be the charm. Read the whole thing for an insight into "the cost of living in the city," which I could re-phrase in many less politically correct ways.

– White people are no longer relevant in pop music sales. The new diversity has improved the quality of such music in ways that everyone can clearly see.

A review of Coriolanus

Borepatch on martinis

– Yglesias argues that equality requires abundance. Interestingly, if Charles Murray is right, it just might be that abundance creates inequality


9 Responses to Randoms

  1. Anon says:

    I’ve had a black break into my girlfriend’s car in DC in 1997 and stole something of mine worth about $30. He was arrested that same evening, with my item in his posession. Police said they have to hold it for evidence for the trial. Fair enough, it wasn’t that important to me.

    A few months later I called DC PD about getting my stolen property back, citing the case number and every thing else they needed to know. Turns out the item was lost.

    I should call them about it again. I actually still have the case number in my files.

  2. Red says:

    Actual comment from the story about the car breaker:

    What good would that do? I have been victimized twice “probably” by this guy. He is not hurting anyone. As long as he is non-violent and don’t give a damn what he looks like. Breaking into a car is a nuisance and I am/was pissed but he didnt hurt anyone.

    I’m the a**hole for not just leaving my vehicle accessible. There should never be anyting in the vehicle of value so why not leave it unlocked?

    • sardonic_sob says:

      I pity that man.

      I would hold him in contempt for what he and his have done to my civilization, but frankly, pity is the strongest emotion I can work up for him. He’s literally beneath contempt.

  3. Ian says:

    Rap/hip-hop music sells well, in part because black people spend more money on disposable transient pleasures (expensive sneakers, cds, etc) and less know how to use the internet.

    White and Asian people listen less to black music, but have more figured out how to download the music they listen to for free.

  4. james wilson says:

    Dissatisfaction with his lot seems to be the characteristic of man in all ages and climates. Far from being an evil, it has been the great civilizer of our race; and has tended, more than anything else, to raise us above the condition of the brutes. But the same discontent which has been the source of all improvements will be the progeny of no small number of follies and absurdities–
    Charles Mackay

  5. Anonymous says:

    That article on Martinis was ok, but this one is better: http://www.killingtime.com/Pegu/2009/04/08/the-four-gospels-the-martini/

  6. Matt says:

    The comments to the pop music article are hilarious. It’s obviously due to the ongoing fetish for ‘authenticity’, whereby music and everything else is only ‘real’ if it is racially correct. You see the same thing in food–have you ever saw that your sushi chef wasn’t Asian and felt you were cheated somehow? We white people are the strangest of all.

    • tschafer says:

      “We white people are the strangest of all”

      That’s a fact, as the nitwit who blames himself for not giving a thief free access to his car illustrates. I wonder if he feels the same way about his girlfriend? Anyway, almost everyone else in the world is just acting the way human beings have always acted. White liberals are the weirdos. Breaking into places and stealing stuff is pretty much par for the course for us fallen humans. But people blaming themselves for causing the thief inconvenience by locking their stuff up? Madness, simple madness.

  7. Jehu says:

    Yglesias is correct in a way he probably doesn’t realize. Only an insanely rich society (read massive abundance) can entertain such absurdities as ‘equality’ in more than a purely theological sense.

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