Randoms of the day

– Bleg: I need a word for "people who celebrate diversity but avoid it in their daily lives." Any thoughts?

– “Now it’s mostly white. . .It makes you feel safer.” On gentrification

Sailer reviews Yglesias: "The Rent Is Too Damn High is most interesting as a symptom of the growing emasculation of intellectual discourse."

– Chuck on the swingle voter

– Larison on universalism

Tide theft

From here: "College Degrees are the little Xbox 360 Achievements of life. Press enough keyboard buttons and scribble, receive cheese."


24 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Fake Herzog says:

    “I need a word for “people who celebrate diversity but avoid it in their daily lives.” Any thoughts?”

    – Liberals?

    More seriously, hippies?

    Even more seriously, “Caplans” or “George Masons”.

    I’ll keep thinking…

    P.S. You’ve been on a roll lately…dare I say it — best reactionary blog on the internet 🙂

    • Foseti says:

      I was trying to think of some variant of “Caplans” as well.

      • josh says:

        I think it would be better to have a less esoteric term. I could actually see this catching on and helping to make a gentle mockery of the situation.

        An excellent idea, btw, that word needs to exist. I’m going to give this some serious thought.

  2. gokart-mozart says:

    Love to get a copy of the book, don’t know how to email you.

  3. Gilbert Pinfold says:

    That ‘Tide Theft’ was a funny story. But over on that link I saw another even more bizarre headline: ‘A dose of LSD may help treat heavy alcoholism.’

    If you don’t see me around for a while…

    Gilbert Pinfold.

  4. Phlebas says:

    Ivory tower diversiphiles

    • Phlebas says:

      Bubble-dwelling Pharisee also has a nice ring to it and might fit well into a polemic.

      I favour the word Pharisee in this context because it accords a measure of sincerity: one understands a “Pharisee” to be someone who is not exactly duplicitous, but whose actual behaviour (as guided by mental drives some of which may not be the subject of successful introspection) doesn’t reflect a thorough commitment (across all mental levels) to beliefs and values proclaimed more or less sincerely by the most refined and contemplative parts of his mind.

      Ivory tower diversiphile similarly suggests a greater degree of ignorance or failure to introspect successfully than of intentional, knowing deceptiveness.

      On the other hand Andrew Neather, the author of this article in which he claims that London needs immigrants, whilst dropping in this passage:

      I remember coming away from some discussions with the clear sense that the policy was intended – even if this wasn’t its main purpose – to rub the Right’s nose in diversity and render their arguments out of date. That seemed to me to be a manoeuvre too far.

      is a Dalit dodger – indeed, a dissembling Dalit dodger (perhaps this epithet is a little facetious for general use, though). Neather is well aware even on a conscious level of how unpleasant (how sh*t, in fact) “diversity” can be for those who lack the means to avoid its worst manifestations.

      Caplan on the other hand strikes me as more of a bubble-dwelling Pharisee and ivory tower diversiphile; I think he’s sincere, even if base elements of his brain are steering his behaviour in ways that his higher self doesn’t fully recognise (both regarding his bubble and regarding his role as a tame “iconoclast” economist acting as a pressure-release valve in service of the Cathedral).

    • formerly no name says:


  5. Taggart says:

    A lot of times detergent isn’t covered by EBT, so…

  6. Leonard says:

    “SWPLs” — is ugly but popular. “Whiterpeople” is a slightly less kludgey phrase, but with the disadvantage of being modestly cryptic.

    That tide theft piece is quite funny. I wonder what common factor there is among PG county, DC, drug use, and theft? Impossible to say.

  7. “people-curators”

    They spend their days figuring out how best to arrange other humans (mostly for aesthetics, amusement, curiosity and related concerns), and then go home to wherever they want.

  8. Agnello says:

    “people who celebrate diversity but avoid it in their daily lives.”

    The technical term is “Yankees”.

  9. Gilbert Pinfold says:


    Regular faux;

    Dildos – produce vibrancy for self gratification.

    Ghetto begetters.

    Socialist Slumlords.

    • Agnello says:

      “Socialist Slumlords”
      They are that. We could compromise with “Carpetbaggers”–Puritans(Progressives) who support the Establishment(Moldbug’s Cathedral) in an effort to balkanize non-puritan populations and undermine their natural non-state,non-establishment structures -family,church,etc.
      I would argue that it is important to preserve an historical continuity with our name for such actors and their organized efforts.To do otherwise lends credence to their own claims to be somehow different than their predecessors.

      • Gilbert Pinfold says:

        This type can’t wait for more immigrants, regardless of quality, to stuff into his next housing development, pyramid scheme.

      • Agnello says:

        Indeed.The fact that two of my own ancestors meet,and married,as a result of progressive efforts to replace the nation’s native voters does not make me blind to the enormous harm caused by the unilateralist’s success in controlling the government by that tactic;The civil service acts which created the ‘Cathedral’ being just one result.
        I do believe that the essential philosophical unity of the Eternal Champions of the Poor,Benighted,and Unheard justifies the use of an historically known term for those who see the poor choices, or poor fortune, of others,not as an opportunity for charity,or a warning to vigilance,but rather as a chance to gain political power over those not so afflicted.

  10. Jehu says:

    How about just simply ‘Bubble Boys’. It has the advantage of being already somewhat derisive.

  11. FD says:

    Divels – “diversity elsewhere”

  12. spandrell says:

    Just call them racist. Define racist as not having black single mothers are neighbours. That’ll hurt.

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