Review of “The Wingnut Musings” by Ilkka Kokkarinen

Ilkka’s blog is gone and his book is slowly disappearing from Amazon.

(Perhaps he wants it that way – if so, I’ll delete the post if he contacts me). (Perhaps you’d like his book. If so, email me and I’ll pirate you a copy, since I have an ebook edition).

His book is a collection of his blog posts, with a liberal amount of editing in some cases. Ilkka’s posts are always relatively short – a long paragraph at most. However, they are always filled with insight on the contradictory nature of our ruling ideology.

Ilkka grew up in Finland and now teaches (taught?) at a university in Canada. One can’t help but wonder if he is so insightful because he grew up in a strange society – Finland was filled with contradictions because it was almost, sort-of Soviet. He seems to effortlessly notice contradictions in society and he sets his sights on progressivism.

Perhaps the best way to review this book – since it is unavailable and his blog is gone – is to quote extensively from it.

On progress:

If the average person from the year 1900 were magically transported to our time, he would see us the way we see Flavor Flav and wonder how everyone can be some kind of a clown in colourful clothes, and how nobody ever seems to take anything seriously, let alone worry about the few important issues that make sense to him, such as getting enough food and drink.

Food and diversity:

I can’t remember who it was who compared the dietary rules of SWPL’s and Orthodox Jews with the result that the latter really are not really that much more complicated. For example, the SWPL dietary rules limit the distance the food is allowed to travel before consumption, a concept that doesn’t exist at all in Kashrut, and uses for this purpose a rule that is completely arbitrary so that clearly its only purpose is to make the faithful demonstrate their obedience to Gaia. Our local mall these days has two grocery stores, Wal-Mart for people who are suspicious of diversity but tolerate it in their daily lives, and Whole Foods for people for those who .

On urban development:

There really is no mystery why young white progressives gush over certain neighborhoods and entire cities such as Portland and Austin (and pseudo-cities such as Burning Man) that allow them to acto poor without having to live next to people who really are poor in a sad and totes non-ironic way and who make better desolation porn as arena for your extreme hide-and-seek leagues than actual neighbors. The calls for "smart growth" to keep these cities "weird" and "creative" is an euphemism for keeping them something else that is best left unspoken.


What is the lowest IQ that allows some person to write a peer-reviewed paper that proves that IQ is meaningless?

Transsexuals are the actual transhumanists of today, boldly using medicine and technology to alter their physical existence to be more to their liking. Even so, a couple of things. First, I trust that we will never again hear that nonsense of how all differences between men and women are socially constructed. (If they were, what could a doctor’s scalpel do about it?) Second, if everyone "really" is what they feel "inside" regardless of their corporeal form, tell me, how far does this principle extend? Instead of the tired example of a man who thinks he is Napoleon (with the bicorne always helpfully issued by the mental institution to go with the straitjacket and goofy laughter), suppose somebody honestly believes he really is of different race than what he was born as. Say, a white guy feels that he is actually a black man. If he puts on blackface paint and an afro wig, and starts talking "jive" to his fellow citizens, is the rest of the world obligated to go along with this? If not, what is the essential (sic) difference here?

The easiest way to instantly tell which way some neighborhood leans in elections is to step inside a fast food restaurant and check to see if you can simply walk into the bathroom, or whether you have to ask somebody behind the counter to buzz you in.

I was more confused than a woman’s studies professor visiting an African village during a public clitoridectomy.

The only thing women clearly do better without men is raise the next generation of criminals.

On crime, Ilkka proposes that every person propose his or her own multiplier, which would be made public:

For example, if you robbed somebody whose chosen multiplier was 5, your one-year prison term would become five years. This would automatically steer rational criminals to commit their crimes against those who are most indifferent to crime and indicate this with their choice of a low multiplier.

On drug legalization:

The standard argument for drug legalization says that all problems of drugs really result from drugs being illegal, drug users being forced to commit crimes to get their daily doses of dope, whereas if drugs were legal and sold openly at cost plus a reasonable profit margin and tax used for rehabilitation, junkies wouldn’t have to rob, steal and burglarize to afford their fix, but could maintain a perfectly normal middle-class lifestyle between the bouts of messing up their heads and still sober up by Monday morning just like the rest of us normos. However, if we ask those who know a lot about drugs and actually have a lot to lose if they are wrong, the drug cartels themselves, all of them have a strict policy of being highly intolerant towards their members using drugs, since they know perfectly well how unreliable junkies are in positions of actual responsibility.

Mental health:

. . . it is still odd how drug addiction, ADD and similar ailments only ever prevent people from doing stuff that they don’t much like to do anyway . . . but never doing any stuff that they enjoy.

The 20th Century:

if you take the 94 million kulaks, capitalists, dissidents and other groups of people that socialists murdered in the twentieth century, and punch the numbers into a calculator, the average number of victims per hour equals almost exactly the one-hour kill count of Anders Breivik. Just imagine how absurd it would be if, instead of being captured and neutralized, Anders were simply allowed to keep killing people day and night until the twenty-second century dawns. And yet such an absurdity practically defined the twentieth century.

One more on 20th Century:

The batting record of the verbal intellectual class during the twentieth century was so horrible that if every one of them had decided to become a pedophile instead of an intellectual, the total count of the innocent victims of their anointed visions would have been at least two orders of magnitude lower.

Occupy Wall St:

The whole spectacle of how the media and academia unanimously praised these smelly hippies, unemployed critical studies majors and outright street people as noble revolutionaries and trailblazers who will transform the whole world into a progressive utopia where our lives are managed by people who clearly currently can’t begin to manage even their own, is not that different from when Caligula appointed a horse as a senator.

56 Responses to Review of “The Wingnut Musings” by Ilkka Kokkarinen

  1. Five Daarstens says:

    One of my favorite blogs, sad to see it gone. I think one of the things that I related to was the fact that he was a software guy like me, and I understood his thinking. I like the blogs of Mencius and TGGP for the same reason.

  2. Columnist says:

    “On crime, Ilkka proposes that every person propose his or her own multiplier, which would be made public:”

    Muslims who steal from non-Muslims should have their right hand cut off.

  3. Trent says:

    Would like to have a copy of ‘The Wingnut Musings” but can’t find you email id on the site.

  4. It is a real shame – it was one of my favourite blogs as was his first blog – Sixteen Volts. I wonder if it was taken down for the same or similar reasons?

  5. Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta says:

    It’s always sad when something like that disappears. Doesn’t it seem like burning books? Perhaps the we can have faith that the internet archive captures such for posterity.

    If you’re still sharing, I too would be interested in a peek at whaat Ilkka’s musings…

  6. prfdy says:

    If you’re prepared to do a mass mailing, I wouldn’t mind having one either.

    I’m only half Finnish, so I didn’t have the full, mad depressive and insightful outlook. But at least I had an aspirational goal.

  7. The Geographer says:

    Johnny Milfquest has disappeared as well. I think he was snatched off the street and indefinitely detained.

  8. Leonard says:

    For those curious about “what happened” to Ilkka: I noticed the lack of blog a while back and wrote Ilkka to ask for an invite, and asking, “Did you collide with the PC enforcers again?” He wrote me back this: “I did not collide with anyone, but my therapist helped me understand that I can have a blog, or a life without depression, but not both.”

    • tschafer says:

      Odd, his blog posts never seemed particularly depressed or depressing to me. But I can understand how cataloging the follies of Leftists every day could burn you out. I wonder if the same thing happened to Moldbug?

      • Alrenous says:

        Regardless of any other factors, what happened to Moldbug is that it takes a lot more than a week of research to produce one of his posts. He coasted for a while because he essentially started his research over ten years before the blog, but ultimately a regular schedule isn’t sustainable unless he becomes okay with repeating himself.

        I find Ilkka’s posts depressing. The problem isn’t the posts, though, it’s the worldview that produces them.* Which makes me suspicious of the therapist.
        My blog is an essential tool for changing my worldview, by putting it front of my face as well as behind it. I’m forced to stare it in the face – “Do I really think that?”

        *E.g. contempt is something the sneerer suffers more from than the target. “allow them to act poor without having to live next to people who really are poor in a sad and totes non-ironic way” The blog was also relentlessly negative, and even if it was one of the few blogs not be representative of the writer’s mind, the constant practise would make it more representative the longer he carried it on.

        On the other hand it’s probably safe to say that Ilkka’s email is being monitored. Legally or not.

      • Leonard says:

        Mencius just had two kids. Babies really do take a toll on one’s ability to crank out 5000-word blog posts. Posting dropped off quite a bit with #1, and precipitously around #2. I do not think it coincidence.

        I think people get tired of writing the same thing after they’ve done it N times. N varies, but MM has written most things with a higher N than I would have.

        Also, I think he finds his programming much more interesting than he does writing.

  9. JL says:

    The food and diversity quote breaks off short (although I can guess the rest).

  10. josh says:

    I’d like the book, but not if its too much trouble. Thanks, Foseti.

  11. Baldfinn says:

    Oops, I’ve never heard about Ilkka even though I’m Finnish myself. Would love a copy to rectify my ignorance. Thank you so much!

  12. spandrell says:

    I’d love to have the book too.

    Poor Ikka though, he should have known better than to trust a therapist.
    Is there any way to download all the web archive’s cache of his blog?

  13. JM says:

    Can you send me a copy of Ilkka’s book as well? It would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!


  14. formerly no name says:

    I hope it wasn’t this quite relentless “anti-negativity” post by Eugenicist that sent Ilkka to a therapist:

    There may be too much negativity about negativity. Aren’t political groups mainly formed in the context of Carl Schmitt’s Friend-Enemy Distinction? Why otherwise bother unless you’re cynically setting up a unalloyed “Mafia”-looting crew?

    I think the usual pattern is that the group A is founded in opposition to group B and the positive social environment (with luck) comes later.

    But then I’m sure I’m missing at least a few things.

    • Alrenous says:

      I’m not trying to make a value judgment about whether negativity is good or bad.
      However, lots of negativity puts you at greater risk of depression.
      Ilkka must think not-depression is more important than his blog. I just don’t see how his blog is necessarily negative, which makes his decision puzzling to me. At face value.

  15. A Pedersen says:

    Can you please send me an E-book copy too?
    Thank you!

  16. Phoroneus says:

    I would also like a copy of the e-book if time permits.

  17. Gregory says:

    The book has, unsurprisingly, been disappeared. One more copy please, assuming Ilkka hasn’t objected. I’d gladly send him the royalty if I knew how.

  18. simonch says:

    Could I also please have a copy of the ebook?

  19. ErspisGuy says:

    Ilkka’s second blog termination sounds Soviet to me: treatment for anti-Social opinions and termination of publication.

  20. Thomas Weaver says:

    I had read the blog regularly, until it ceased to be available. I’d like to get a copy of the book. I’m willing to send the appropriate fee to the author, if told how.

  21. Simoleon says:

    May I have a copy of the ebook? Amazon isn’t sellling it.

  22. Anonymous Pirate says:

    There are a great many people who want a copy of the eBook–perhaps Ilkka would be OK with someone putting a copy on one of the file sharing sites?

  23. Jez says:

    Ilkka himself was always in favor of not paying for bits. So I guess he wouldn’t mind about putting the book online. I would also like to have the book in some way or another.

  24. Past student of Ilkka says:

    He’s still around, I was in his C programming class last year, and from what I checked, is still one of the professors for that course (Never really talked to him at that time, so I can’t get in contact with him now, sorry.). I remember looking up his name when I was picking courses, and somewhat taken aback when I read about his past. While I wouldn’t necessarily agree to all his views, I’ll admit that he does raise some good points on certain subjects.

  25. […] Foseti: Review of “The Wingnut Musings” by Ilkka Kokkarinen […]

  26. Breeze says:

    Hi, found this post through a web search after being unable to access Ilkka’s blog. I consider Ilkka to be a voice of sanity in a mad world. Could you email me a copy of his book too, thanks

  27. Whims says:

    I’d appreciate a copy of the book too.

  28. kurtz999 says:

    Always found Ilkka’s blog entertaiing and thought provoking. Sorry to see wingnut musings / fourth checkraise gone.

  29. FWG says:

    Ugh, I wish I could read his book!

  30. 卍巴 says:

    Joseph Bleau:

    “the one about the crime number seemed to go over my head”

    He means that people should be required let criminals know whether they believe in harsh punishment for criminals or not.

    And that if a criminal attacks a person who is “soft on crime”, then they will be punished less severely; and will be punished more severely if they attack someone who is “tough on crime”

  31. MJ says:

    May I make an ebook request as well, or would it be possible for you to upload the book as a torrent fileshare to isohunt, etc.?

  32. […] You can find much more by Googling (e.g.,  this, this, and this). […]

  33. lenni says:

    I’d be very grateful for a copy of his book too.

  34. Sixteen Volts OG says:

    I was a regular reader of Ilkka’s blog back in the day, and this is actually the first time I read about why it disappeared!

    If you are still taking requests after all this time, could you please send me a copy of his book?

  35. Luke Shaw says:

    Hi, I’ve only just come across this blogger (from a link, from a link etc, you know the drill).I believe I’ve found his new site, but given the kerfuffle he experienced I’m reluctant to post it publicly in case it gets trolled.

    I know it’s four and a half years since you posted about the book, but if the offer still stands I’m keen.

    • Rob says:

      hey was wondering could you send the link to his site in an email to me his work is amazing and incredibly entertaining!

  36. Clieestinc says:

    Why you! prefer something startup new? Open and look at this offer. Only there the choice of horny for every desire and completely free! They are good slaves, they will and want do everything you say !

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