– Yglesias summarizes his own blog in one sentence: "I think it’s important to recognize that a lot of what passes for economic policy debate in the United States is a kind of status competition among members of the elite." (It’s a cheap shot, but I couldn’t resist)

AmCon: "German Sabotage and America’s Entry Into World War I"

Calling all monarchists, reactionaries, and skeptics of democracy

– Everyone must be above average

Interesting thoughts on Carl Schmitt


6 Responses to Randoms

  1. Anonymous says:

    are you on twitter? you should tweet that to yglesias, maybe kalim kassam will do it

  2. josh says:

    If I had the time and talent, I would create a Matt Yglesias tribute blog in the style of the old “Fire Joe Morgan” blog.

  3. rightsaidfred says:

    From the “above average” link:

    Ward 8 Councilman Marion Barry called the bill “landmark” and “trailblazing.”

    “The problem we have is so massive,” he said. “It is so massive.”

    I suppose if anyone is an expert on DC massive problems, it is Barry.

    This is drearily typical: a central governing authority announces they will solve a “problem”; they take a vote; money is spent; little changes except that now some people drive a nicer car, and some taxpayers put off buying a newer car.

  4. Tschafer says:

    Good Lord Almighty, but AmCon is predictable these days! Even on a topic as divorced from the Middle East as U.S. entry into WWI, someone has to work a slam at Israel in there somewhere. It’s like the obligatory “Lenin Paragraph” in old Soviet writing – no matter what the topic, every Soviet writer had to drop a paean to Lenin in there somewhere. Likewise, I would imagine that there is a copy editor at AmCon who sent this article back to Gottfried, with a note saying “Great article, but you forgot the mandatory denunciation of Israel! Please correct…” I basically agree with most of what AmCon has to say, but this stylistic tic gets very old. Surely, not EVERYTHING wrong with the world today is related to Israel. By the way, for what it’s worth, Gottfried is dead wrong. Under classical international law, neutral countries have every right to sell stuff to a country at war, without this being considered a causus belli. The German sabaotage of American industries during WWI was just a typical example of Whilhelmine German ham-handedness, with what they had to gain being far less than what they had to lose. The Central Powers in WWI may or may not have been the bad guys, but they were certainly the stupid guys…

  5. dearieme says:

    I suppose that the American system of elective monarchy combines bad aspects of monarchy and democracy.

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