Presented without comment

Best countries in the world

Worst countries in the world

Whatever you do, do not notice any similarities between the countries on each of those lists!


9 Responses to Presented without comment

  1. James says:

    What! The “worst” countries went through colonialism and white oppression??????

  2. ScottS says:

    No, silly, the bottom 17 all start with consonants.

  3. ErisGuy says:

    Any analysis that asserts that Saudi Arabia is in the top 30 best countries in the world in which to live needs to re-examine their methods.

    “The ‘worst’ countries went through colonialism and white oppression??????”

    Absolutely. They failed on their own for millennia, then failed when offered uplift. Hopeless, really.

  4. Nyk says:

    This also shows that socialism > free markets under the right (germanic) genetic and cultural makeup of the inhabitants.

  5. Gilbert Pinfold says:

    Green flags are bad news.

  6. robert61 says:

    Latvia gets a bum rap. For all its problems, I’d rather live there than in any other of the bottom ten.

  7. Matt says:

    Everyone notices the similarities, they just don’t agree on the reason. The usual simplistic colonialism/oppression justification doesn’t really hold up, but then neither does the simplistic genetic one. The exact cause of why some countries are better than others are still pretty much a mystery and probably always will be. I for one hope for greater equality in the future, as 500 years of European dominance has messed with everyone’s head.

  8. Timbo says:

    Crosses trump stars.

  9. ve says:

    I’m guessing if a fox reporter asked obama if he was going to tip black shoe shiners more, that would be raciss.

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