Statistical analysis is not science

I’ve argued – a lot of times – that it’s retarded to refer to massive statistical analyses as "science." Basically no one agrees with me.

I still like my position though.

Everyone is saying that this result undermines "science." In reality, it undermines massive multivariate analyses that pass as science so that people can get papers published in irrelevant journals. This circle jerk of a process should not be confused with actual science.

5 Responses to Statistical analysis is not science

  1. Gabe Ruth says:

    Have you ever read the Last Psychiatrist? He’s with you:

  2. Nyk says:

    Sadly, one can also say the same about the current state of research into race differences in intelligence, which at the moment consists only of statistical data (even that – incomplete and of no doubt varying accuracy). There is no reasonable underlying explanation for explaining the mechanism by which those differences arose. The hypothesis that cold climate requires greater brainpower is starting to approach the scientific realm, but how do you go about testing it and how are you sure there isn’t some alternative explanation that was overlooked? To me it seems like just one of those ad-hoc explanations that are pulled out of someone’s ass, even though it does feel compelling and common-sensical.

    The fact that egalitarian commissars are eager to withdraw funding for, or even to censor, any race research isn’t helping things.

  3. sardonic_sob says:

    I’m with you, too. Statistical analysis can support science but it is not science. If something cannot be falsified, it is not science. Period, full stop.

  4. chucho says:

    Each day on Science Daily, at least 60% or more of the top stories are nothing but “Researcher from [impressive univ.] ran a model concerning problem X, and discovered (yes, discovered!) that we should expect result Z, not result Y as previously believed.”

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