The Derbyshire challenge

The 32nd Law of Power is: "Play to People’s Fantasies." The 38th is: "Think as you like but behave like others." Later in the book Robert Greene says:

The truth is often avoided because it is ugly and unpleasant. Never appeal to truth and reality unless you are prepared for the anger that comes from disenchantment.

In other words, write stuff like this and not stuff like this.

In that article, Derb puts into words what all elite white (and black) people actually do, but don’t say. There’s nothing all that interesting in the article, and none of the Puritans who’ve read it – and been forced to break out the smelling salts as a result – have found any factual errors win the article. It’s all true, you’re just not supposed to say it. Unfortunately for Derb, Puritans in the 21st Century don’t like heresy any more than their 18th Century predecessors.

Most of Derb’s rules are well-documented statistical facts. In rule 10, he basically tells people to avoid high concentrations of blacks. Even though virtually all white people do this, as documented by recent census data, you’re not supposed to talk about it!

Before you get excited, I would like to point out that I violate this rule. I live in a neighborhood that’s 50/50 black and white. My city is run by black politicians (while the government is notoriously corrupt, it’s mercifully entertaining). I’m tired of hearing about issues like this from people who live like George Mason University professors (or in Portland or Austin) – i.e. live as far away from "diversity" as possible but constantly lecture others about how awesome diversity is.

On the other hand, it’s easy to prove Derb wrong. Would any of Derb’s critics be willing to hang out in heavily black areas (the closest one to me is Southeast (apparently, Wikipedia is racist too!)) when lots of people are out – maybe during a parade?

I didn’t think so.


16 Responses to The Derbyshire challenge

  1. Anonymous says:

    I love the: “in a democratic process racism will always lose, therefore we must expose the racists publicly for how stupid they are… but even so, racists should not be allowed to publicly talk about their racist views” thing the puritans have going on this.

  2. doug1111 says:

    National Review’s Lowry firing Derbyshire was pure cowardice on the part of a mainstream conservative.

  3. doug1111 says:


  4. ScottS says:

    Link broken? Or a DDOS attack?

  5. Handle says:

    What Derb was doing here was pretty clear. All the “Having the talk” articles, if you read them, were so totally fabricated and bogus as to be beyond absurd. Can you really imagine the average 16 year-old black young man going through life as a perfectly innocent, ignorant, 1950’s family-sitcom-character child, (and not having spend his entire “schooling” lifetime being brainwashed into celebrating perpetual victimhood and hating the white man), and then hearing about the Trayvon Martin case on Soviet Propaganda Network (SPN) and coming, with little pre-tears in his wet eyes:

    “Momma, Poppa, what *is* all this? Did this one white man really just kill this one black boy just because of hatred for the color of his skin and for no other possible legitimate reason whatsoever? In this country of 310 million where, apparently, I’ve never been aware of anything like this ever happening in the past decade, and so I might plausibly conclude this to be a rare, freak occurrence not worthy of much attention (were it not for SPN’s desire to agitate race-riots to further the agenda), could it be that somehow, this reflects some widespread dark undercurrent of which I’ve been previously utterly and entirely unaware? Please, parents, tell me what’s going on! I don’t get it! Have ‘The Talk’ with me!

    And the response, “Oh, son ~weeps slightly~, I’m sorry to have to tell you this, but as a young black man people – all kinds of people, white, asian, hispanic, ‘white-hispanic’, etc.. – fear you for no other possibly legitimate statistical reason than …[insert long, melodramatic, bogus-history polemic here] … so you have to act better than they do, more respectfully, more properly, you have to “run faster just to keep up”, or else, whitey’s gonna gun you down.” “Oh, Momma! Say it ain’t so?! I had no idea how evil and personally dangerous whitey and America were!”

    Something like that. Makes you revolted, nauseous and want to retch. Like most of what passes for “intellectual deliberation” when anything approaches this particular brain-deadening subject in our horrible age.

    But the essence of Derb’s article is not only true, and not only known to be true by everyone (privileged leftist multiculturalist diversicrats included), but they actually behave in accordance with his advice and encourage their children to do so as well. Just … slyly. The trick in our society is to never do this overtly or explicitly and always have a plausible alternative “cover” (or, basically, a psychological “alibi” to help maintain the cognitive dissonance, like “good schools”), that is so good and convincing that you can brainwash yourself and all your think-alike friends into believing your motives and actions are pure. Unlike those awful Redneck Nazi Racists, who somehow don’t behave any differently from you and your family when it comes to choosing who to associate with, or live next to, etc.

    For some inexplicable reason, voluntary housing patterns still create American Apartheid even though you’d get a *huge windfall* by buying up property super cheap in mostly black areas. And you can’t say, “well, they only live in the least desirable areas” because of a little phenomenon called “Gentrification” and objectively super-desirable (because they are close to other desirable city centers) areas go mostly uncolonized for decades as a result, but are now being swamped by adventurous, pioneering ice-people (Southeast DC, Harlem, etc…). So, intelligent white, asian, hispanic, etc. people know how to learn, act, and maybe even teach Derb’s “talk”, without ever having to have it in those words.

    Somehow, most of what Derb wrote is known and communicated sub rosa, if not exactly directly from parents to children, then from peers, life experience, the internet, the need of your brain to recognize reality and believe it’s own lying eyes, etc. A few tragic cases arise from naive idiots who swallow the mythology whole despite the obvious lessons of the real world, but that’s true of any religion.

    And religion – and the cultural and societal domination of the Blue Orthodoxy – is really the way to understand all this. Again, imagine you’re an upper-middle-class bourgeois non-literalist Christian in the middle ages. You’re sitting in Church and the sermon’s about Christ raising Lazarus, and you don’t believe it literally, even though you are still an adherent of the faith.

    Maybe lots of folks around you believe the same way and act accordingly. Somehow, part of political intelligence is knowing how to figure this social reality out without ever having to say so directly. Because you can’t just turn to a random neighbor and say, “I don’t think that really happened that way.” Because, you know, you could get whacked.

    Or excommunicated. Was Galileo smart? Obviously. Derb’s smart too. Was Galileo *Politically* savvy? No! The Church had officially adopted Aristotle’s view of Geocentricity, and Galileo honestly and publicly contradicted that view. Moron! Excommunicated and house arrest for you! Probably put a crimp in the progress in discovery and publication he would have produced had he been a little more savvy about his ideological environmental hazards. Maybe we’d be living with the tech of 2025 today if it hadn’t been for that and the deterrence, discouraging, silencing, and “chilling” effect it had on everybody else for decades.

    Who else might have done a little better had he kept his unconventional, controversial ideas to himself. Did I hear you say “Jesus Christ!”? I did. A brave soul, and a martyr to his cause, but also, how was he politically? Moron!

    Now, who is so savvy? Or, at least, who has no excuse whatsoever to plead ignorance because he’s made half a career out of studying PC and the R-Bomb throwers that tyrannize our discourse? Derb! But, still, he’d either gotten complacent or reckless in his brush with mortality that he ignored the face that he can’t, even at Taki’s, ever go beyond certain lines without even his so-called “friends” denouncing him and denying him three times to The Romans, er, I mean, The Church, er, I mean, the Left.

  6. Jehu says:

    I think with mortality staring him in the face, Derbyshire made the prayer so famous from ‘Blaze of Glory’. It is a prayer that God is often willing to answer, hopefully he got the strength to stand firm also from Him.

  7. doug1111 says:

    I’ve never understood why you’ve wanted to live in a 50% black area of DC, rather than in say Alexandria Virginia. I gather you’re at a reasonably high GS federal government level and you’ve said your wife makes more than you, so together …

  8. doug1111 says:

    I’d never live in a 50% black area of New York and these days it’s a much less dangerous city than DC. In the late 60s and 70’s though, especially under New York’s only (I think) black mayor Dinkins, it was the pits.

  9. doug1111 says:

    Sorry forgot again. Notify.

  10. Allan says:

    Once again
    it is the savages
    who get to determine
    what is allowed to be said
    even by ‘conservatives’.

    And it’s going to get much worse.

    Wait and see.

  11. james wilson says:

    There is all the difference in the world between a 50/50 black-white area turning white and a 50/50 area going black. It’s called gentrification. They know the way to Prince Georges county.

  12. Matt says:

    ” In rule 10, he basically tells people to avoid high concentrations of blacks. Even though virtually all white people do this, as documented by recent census data, you’re not supposed to talk about it!”

    Not really…Derbyshire wasn’t just talking living around blacks, he was talking everyday activity. I’ve never avoided a mall or something because it was mostly black. Like you, I liv(ed) in a mostly black neighborhood and never felt the slightest apprehension about it. We even accidentally left our front door unlocked for a week, but the house was undisturbed when we returned.

    People can sometimes get caught up in the numbers. Blacks are more likely to be criminals than whites, 2 or 3 times as likely, but this means that say 15% of blacks are criminals while 6% of whites are. You still have 85% of blacks that aren’t criminals. Sadly, there is so much bad blood and bad history between whites and blacks in america, that no one is ever allowed to forget or move on from, that I doubt the two races will ever be reconciled in any fashion.

  13. doug1111 says:

    Matt as to criminality, the real numbers from the US Dept of Justice are that blacks are about 4x more likely per capita to comitt violent or threat of violence crimes and also such property crimes as burglary and robbery than whites are, and 7-8x more likely to commit murders. Those are no small differences. Further the reality is that FAR more hate crimes are committed by blacks against whites but the media does about all it can to cover up that fact.

  14. Toddy Cat says:

    You’ve gotta love all the liberals who always shriek “That’s only ancedotal!!!” when you recount some atrocity committed by some NAM group, who are so quick to chime in with their heartwarming anecdotes about associating with blacks, and having nothing happen to them, in the face of Derbyshire’s uncontestable statistics. Yes, most people you meet, white or black, are not criminals, but your average young black guy is much more likely to be one than the average young white or asian guy, and the fact that Mumsey’s chauffeur was a negro, and never raped her, does not constitute a refutation.
    I knew a guy who accidently walked through a minefield. Wasn’t hurt at all. I would caution against taking this interesting experience as providing proof that mines are not dangerous.

  15. Regarding your living in a 50/50 black/white area, sir, I once lived in an estate with a 50/50 divide between white and black families, but that was a high concentration of whites compared to the rest of the city, but then that was Africa.

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