Sweden is fscked up

So is Britain:

Case One concerns Caroline Pattinson (pictured above), an abuser of heroin, which is supposed to be illegal but isn’t in practice.

Pattinson, 34, has committed 207 crimes in 20 years.

These include 108 convictions for theft, many for cruel frauds on pensioners. But until last Tuesday she had never been sent to prison, except on remand.

Now that she has, she’s not worried. Why should she be?

On being sentenced to 30 months (of which she will serve at most 15 months), she mockingly called out: ‘Cushty! Easily done!’

Beyond Democracy (HT)

Heartiste: "In a future post I will explain why intelligent men need to learn game and start marrying and having kids with dumber but hotter chicks in order to save Western civilization." The Hilary Rosen thing was interesting, in part, because all the feminists were suggesting that only rich women can afford to raise their own children. However, feminism is the reason that most women have to work these days. This means that feminists argued that only rich women can escape the ravages of feminism, which is true but it’s a weird argument for a feminist to be making.

Vox interviews Derb.

Chuck thinks we should have debates: "I suggested on Twitter that I’d love to see a debate between John Derbyshire (or Steve Sailer) and someone like Ta-Nehisi Coates, Jelani Cobb, or Toure." I don’t think that will work. A representative from the former group would actually make substantive points, while a representative from the latter group merely demand that – for making substantive points – the representative from the former group should be forced out of his livelihood. Debates about religious matters between non-believers and believers always degenerate into the latter group screaming "heretic!"

A scandal in the media

The IQ gene?

– Real science does not operate by rules like this. Real science, however, is apparently racist.

– "Heretics, Kulaks, and Witches:"

Soviet science took an odd turn that we today may find amusing. We shouldn’t.

According to [Soviet-approved biologist] Lysenko, there is no intraspecies competition, that is, there is no class struggle between members of the same species. On the contrary, all members of the same species "help" each other: "There is not, and cannot be, a class society in any plant or animal species. Therefore, there is not, and cannot be, here class struggle, though it might be called, in biology, intraspecies competition." (2)

It is to laugh? Sociologist Ann Morning, 2007:

Evolutionary biologist Joseph Graves (2001:5) claims, "Today, the majority of geneticists, evolutionary biologists, and anthropologists agree that there are no biological races in the human species," and reports that two American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) panels of philosophers, biologists, and social scientists have reached the same conclusion. (3)



13 Responses to Randoms

  1. Fake Herzog says:


    No, no, no. You meant to say, “Debates about religious matters between non-believers and believers always degenerate into the [former] group screaming [nonsense]. For examples, just hang out at Professor Feser’s blog.

  2. robert61 says:

    Re Sweden, the daycare thing isn’t true. We kept our kids home. There is more peer pressure here to act like everybody else, in part because, recent immigration notwithstanding, the population has been fairly homogeneous. However, there’s no actual law against keeping your kids at home. In fact, a “care allowance” for parents who care for their own children, is a perennial part of the Christian Democrat (the most conservative party) platform.

    • asdf says:

      Do you mean it wasn’t true or it still isn’t true?

    • josh says:

      It seemed false when I read it. Too much unsourced information. Google has apparently never heard the “motto for the leading educator”, “Sweden: No more housewives, but higher wages for women.” Perhaps, if it were in Swedish I’d get a few hits, but this all seems to strange.

  3. Alrenous says:

    So the single gene difference on IQ is ~1 point. Based on high measured IQs of 200, there needs to be at least 100 such sites, and probably far more, considering the odds of having a whole bunch of them at once.

    Having a whole ton of sites is also the only way to get a Gaussian distribution.

    When Gregory Cochran suggests spell-checking the DNA, he means find the smart haplotype for each site and then use them all in one genome. Now I (hope I) have a reasonable order of magnitude estimate, a 30 point average boost is a conservative estimate of how powerful spell-checking would be. Only 30 points is assuming severe diminishing returns, perhaps from adverse interactions preventing the concurrent use of various haplotypes.

    • Here is me (under my old pseudonym) picking Razib Khan’s brain on the subject.

      the best we know from the research on IQ loci is that likely the genes of largest effect don’t control more than 1%, at most, of the variation each, within the population.

      1% is the *high bound*. IQ is like height, likely lots of small effect genes.

      at a bare minimum it is likely that you will need 100 genes to account for 90% of IQ variation.

  4. James James says:

    Ah yes, here in Britain, all prison sentences are automatically halved, since the Criminal Justice Act 1991. So for a “30 month” sentence, she will serve a maximum of 15 months.

    “If your prison sentence is for 12 months or more, the first half of the sentence is spent in prison. The second half of your sentence is spent in the community ‘on licence’… If you’re on licence you are supervised (managed) by the Probation Service.

    If your sentence is under 12 months, you are released automatically half-way through.

    You are not supervised (managed) by the Probation Service but can still be sent back to prison – for example, if you commit another crime.”

    We also don’t have life prison sentences any more: “life” = normally 15 years.

    “If you get a life sentence, it lasts for the rest of your life – even if you’re released from prison.” You couldn’t make it up.

  5. Phlebas says:

    >Sweden is fscked up

    There was a government review in Britain three years ago written by one Graham Badman (what’s in a name?) which recommended invasive regulation of home education.

    Fortunately this plan was eventually cancelled, but it looked likely to happen at one point. A few families even moved abroad in anticipation. Needless to say, the real reason for the establishment’s keen interest in home educators has nothing to do with child abuse.

    Still, if such legislation did come in and I were a parent, I’d fancy my chances at fending off the government – their incompetence saves us from their malice.

    Incidentally I find it quite odd when people like John Derbyshire, Steve Sailer and even the fanatical WN crowd mention in passing how their children are liberals, disagree with them about this and that, and are sent to state schools. I would expect unschooling to be a highly desirable choice for most contrarian parents, although the loss of income from having the wife stay at home may be a serious obstacle. But at least the child could be withdrawn from schooling once he is old enough to look after himself well enough.

    • spandrell says:

      Derb is a wimp who doesn’t believe in actually making a difference. He wrote years ago in how kids are how they are by nature and nurture doesn’t count a shit. Which is true for biology but not for many other things. He’s just acting on his beliefs. Or perhaps rationalizing his lack of money and energy.

      I think Sailer is taking care of his kids indoctrination though.

  6. samsonsjawbone says:

    I find it awfully hard to take anyone named “Ta-Nehisi” seriously. Anyone else ever felt this way?

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