Review of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flaherty

The thesis of this book is in the subtitle of the first chapter: "Race riots are exploding across the country. Cops deny it. Newspapers too. Thank God for YouTube."

Flaherty lists out crimes like this one that have occurred across the country.

You should buy the e-book version of this book, since it includes links to stories and videos. Readers of blogs like this one will be familiar with most of the events he mentions (he’s clearly read some HBD blogs himself), but readers of mainstream news sources will be shocked.

Flaherty is most concerned about the fact that officials seem to be actively covering up crimes committed by black mobs. He’s thankful for YouTube, because the evidence that violent crimes by large numbers of blacks are occurring is undeniable – it’s all on video. He’s got the links to prove it.

Flaherty digs up some great examples of officials denying or covering up black violence. My favorite example was a school superintendent in Philadelphia who circulated "a pamphlet on how not to antagonize black students" to Asian students while the local papers were busying explaining that the violence had "no racial component." Right.

There’s entire chapter on this incident, which simultaneously makes you want to laugh and cry because in this case, the victim seems to be in on the attempt to cover up the facts of what happened to her. As a different victim said, "it would be too divisive" to comment on the race of the attackers.

Another theme that emerges is the way progressives use black violence to further their causes. Flaherty finds a few examples of progressives saying something like "the riots were not racial" but "if they were it was understandable because the state legislature cut money for job training and . . . prisons." In other words, if you don’t do as we say, they’ll be rioting.

"The National Retail Federation says that 10 percent of retail stores in America have been victims of flash mobs in the last year. Some several times." In some cities, it’s so bad that some of the victims of flash robs don’t even bother calling the police anymore, as they’ve found that the cops essentially ignore the crimes. This is true even of some violent mob attacks. For example, Flaherty notes that Milwaukee police "refused to take report[s]" of violence following some black mob attacks. If there were no reports, apparently they could pretend the incident never happened.

There’s a whole chapter on violence on public transportation. The book is really just a chronicle of recent events that seem related, but that we’re not supposed to notice.

The book’s title is taken from a statement made by a black woman about a white woman who had been beaten up during a riot in Milwaukee.

One gets the impression that despite the efforts of the police and the media, the real story is getting out. It’s hard not to notice Beat Whitey Night. Maybe that’s why there’s a run on guns right now.

Happy HBD Day!


15 Responses to Review of “White Girl Bleed a Lot” by Colin Flaherty

  1. Socky says:

    This seems to be the first sort of book about these “flash mobs.” They are not flash mobs, of course; real flash mobs were impromptu groups of dancers and thespians. Calling them “flash mobs” is a way of avoiding the term “race riot.”

    • Foseti says:

      I should have been clear that he’s not shy about calling them race riots. And yes, it’s the first book length treatment of this that I know of.

  2. cjs41 says:

    I’ve read “White Girl Bleed a Lot” and it truly opened my eyes to the cover up by the MSM. Very well written – to the point where I couldn’t put it down from start to finish in one sitting.

  3. On your recommendation, I picked it up. It reads like an extended blog post of yours. He does spartan analyses of the links he provides; mostly, he lets the evidence stand on its own.

    Overall, it’s a compelling case for getting armed.

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  6. Anila Abhay says:

    That was a good article. I just finished the book White Girl Bleed a Lot, the return of racial violence and how the media ignore it. I never thought race issue between black and white Americans would go this far. So sad.

    • cjswanson41 says:

      Obviously you wrote your own comment on AND did not read the book. Not only has Colin written for all publications he claims, he continues to be published on a regular basis. Each of the stories he has in White Girl Bleed a Lot is easily verified, in fact he provides links to nearly all of them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    salon has debunked white girl bleed a lot

  8. dainty39gm says:

    I haven’t purchased or read the book yet but I will ASAP. I just heard about it online. This flash mob is messy and will only get worse if something isn’t done about it. The only solution I see would be for white people to arm yourselves. It’s your right to protect yourselves from ANY criminal element.

  9. Cathy Curne says:

    I have not yet read the book, however I am on my way to purchase
    the book. To defend yourself from bodily harm is correct however,
    why don’t we look at the reasons for these incidents. I am not saying this is the correct way to address racial issues but I am saying that in this country injustice, and inequality still thrive , and
    to ignore this is like burying our heads in the sand.

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