Evidence against Zimmerman

I was watching CNN on Saturday morning (long story) and some talking heads were discussing the latest evidence in the Zimmerman/Martin case.

A summary of this evidence is as follows:

– Basically all physical and eyewitness and circumstantial evidence supports (or doesn’t contradict) Zimmerman’s story, but . . .

– Zimmerman might be racist.

According to the legal experts on CNN, it would seem that if the latter point is true, the former point is moot and Zimmerman is guilty of whatever he’s been charged with.

Others would seem to think that the evidence should be the only thing that matters. Apparently Dershowitz needs some sensitivity training.

The facts don’t matter – neither does being right.

Regardless of the evidence, I bet we can predict the actual breakdown of votes by the jury based solely on the race of the jurors. Welcome to "justice" in a diverse society.


5 Responses to Evidence against Zimmerman

  1. Simon Grey says:

    It’s been a while since I cared about the story, and thus read about it, but I seem to recall that the application of manslaughter laws is contingent upon motive (i.e. if Zimmerman shot Martin because Zimmerman was racist, he would meet the legal requirements of, if memory serves me correctly, Man 2; stated another way, motive actually matters to the law). Another wrinkle to consider is whether Zimmerman provoked Martin, which makes a self-defense claim a little harder to defend. Personally, I’m not going to cry over a black wannabe thug getting shot by an hispanic wannabe cop, but to suggest that the law (or rather, legal code) is perfectly clear on the ramifications of both Zimmerman’s and Martin’s behavior, especially in light of the fact that we don’t know why a no_limit_nigga decided to attack a neighborhood watch vigilante in the first place.

    • Matthew says:

      The fact that Zimmerman had previously taken up the case of a black man against the police is clear evidence that Zimmerman is racist. Clearly he thought that blacks can’t take care of their own problems. That’s disrepectful and racist.

    • Gilbert Pinfold says:

      Yes, but, the latest talking point for the talking heads is that when Zimmerman walks, the Feds, or the state of Florida, would charge him with a ‘hate crime’. This is the context in which bullet point two is the only salient matter (in the minds of our betters). Double catch-22 jeopardy.

  2. james wilson says:

    This case simply didn’t follow the narrative, and everyone, from the usual suspects in the race industry to the Florida Persecutor, has bet on a busted flush. Of which they are aware. Now the Ministry of Justice, under cover of the FIB, has threatened to raise the pot, but the case is not cooperating and Zimmerman is not yielding. I wouldn’t be surprised if the defense draws some heavy hitters, but it doesn’t need help.

    The powers that be have the same tin ear that they have shown for OWS. They think it is pushing their narrative forward when it is really eating them alive.

    The charge is murder in the second degree, not manslaughter. Having badly overcharged their target, they had no chance from the beginning. Sometimes this is a strategy employed when the prosecution intends to lose a case, but this was only hubris and incompetence. A “mixed” jury in this case is a majority white and hispanic jury, a total win for the citizen.

  3. Anonymous age 70 says:

    I have known fighters in my lifetime. They enjoy hitting and hurting people, and any excuse will do. If Trayvon still lived, he very clearly planned to injure a lot of people in his lifetime. And, he clearly intended to seriously injure Zimmerman.

    I suspect, but do not know for sure, he was indeed casing houses in that neighborhood. Zimmerman probably read his body language correctly.

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