Inter-racial friendships

Auster asks if friendships between blacks and whites are possible. I’m friends with a bunch of people who are "black."

When you look closely though, it’s not quite that simple. Most of my black friends have at least two white grandparents. A couple others are African, but they’re North African of various types, and don’t really look black.

I’m not sure what that means, but it seemed like it was worth noting.


3 Responses to Inter-racial friendships

  1. Ryu says:

    That may be. But your black friends identify with the black side of the family. Like Obama, the white contribution is forgotten. Don’t give them credit for being white when they want it. It’s till death do us part, forever. You’re married to your race.

    The way to test friendships is through hardships. Not the good times. You need to see how they react to you voting for Romney over Obama, or siding with Zimmerman over Trayvon. That’s the trial.

  2. Gilbert Pinfold says:

    It’s true that you might not yet have encountered ‘the moment’ that tests the friendship. On the other hand, I see nothing wrong with being a man of many facets. The idea of ‘authenticity’ is an adolescent, revolutionary one. Reactionaries ought not to see a little well-intentioned hypocrisy as a show stopper.

  3. asdf says:

    My GF is black. She’s an IWSB, so basically she acts white 95% of the time, it’s not much different from dating a white girl.

    We don’t talk about politics.

    We agree that when we turn on the radio rap is too black and country is too white, but everything in between is fair game. She doesn’t like classic rock like me though, apparently the Summer of ’69 wasn’t a time she wants to remember fondly.

    Race rarely comes up.

    I don’t know if this is all helped by the fact that I’m very dominant around her, and often talk to her in a direct commanding manner like black dudes talk to their women but would be considered too misogynist by polite white society.

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