Randoms for the past couple weeks: part 1

– Bryan Caplan notes something that I noted a long time ago. Education has lots of benefits once you factor in the intelligence sorting aspects of it.

– Is this an isolated incident?

– Professor Bainbridge thinks we need more cost-benefit analysis. Unfortunately, cost-benefit analysis is a waste of everyone’s time, especially for huge, complex regulations like the ones in the blog post he links to. The whole thing turns into an exercise in wishful thinking. The requirement that federal agencies perform cost-benefit analysis is a perfect example of conservative ideas to restrain the bureaucracy. All they do is make bureaucrats jump through a couple extra hoops. The end result is the same.

– Spandrell on the cheap-chalupaists.

– "The Left is the State, and the State is the Left."

Democracy has failed

– Tyler Cowen digs up a good article on DC. Despite what it says though, certain skills do help one succeed in DC, they just have nothing to do with one’s abitlity to, you know, govern.

– OneSTDV takes a dig at a typical alt-right blog post. My only defense of the alt-right-osphere is that alt-right thinking is not natural to those of us raised in the modern, progressive dominated world.

– The narrative continues to unravel.

– Will S. rounds up some manosphere arguments against voting. These days, voting is for plebes.


8 Responses to Randoms for the past couple weeks: part 1

  1. anonymous says:

    you have to check this out, how far we’ve come: it’s too cold in offices during the summer. a hypothermic tundra, in fact


    By Monica Hesse, Published: June 3

    Enough about the impending heat, the descending sweat, the summer oppression that allows you to hate the parts of your body you don’t even think about the rest of the year. (Crease of the knee, you dastardly skin fold!) Washingtonians are doomed to hand-wring over the rising thermometers of June because we seek clues regarding the battle plans of our sworn enemy, August.

    And yet — step for a moment into the chill. The outdoor climate of our sweltering city is a false climate. It is merely the swamp through which we must wade to get to our true environment, a land of recirculated cold, spare blazers on backs of chairs and frostbite. Inside weather is the weather of the office worker. It’s summer outside, but indoors, it’s winter.

    Fact: The average high temperature in Washington in the summer months lurks in the upper 80s.

    Fact: The average temperature in a Washington office is hypothermic tundra.

    While it would be a stretch to say that all frozen office workers are women, please feel free to count how many of the summer cocoa-clutchers in your office are men. None. There will be exactly no men, swaddled as they are in the suits and the neckties and the socks.

  2. Handle says:

    Saw a nice topical quip from Pax Dickinson retweeted at Kalim Kassam’s page, “America: The place where you aren’t smart enough to be allowed to buy soda, but you are smart enough to be allowed to vote.”

  3. Will S. says:

    Thanks for the linklove, Foseti.

  4. asdf says:

    Cost benefit analysis, ugh. The other day we had a meeting to discuss the spending of $10 fucking dollars. Figure it was $1,000 in wages and benefits just for the meeting.

    “a perfect example of conservative ideas to restrain the bureaucracy. All they do is make bureaucrats jump through a couple extra hoops. The end result is the same.”

    I wish people would get this. The default to trying to “punish” regulators isn’t less regulation, it’s more regulation (as regulators, fearful of their position, now play CYA games all day). Same applies to “privitzation”, which is just a nice way of saying rip the government off with bogus contracts people get rich off.

  5. ve says:

    It’s also a status symbol for the elite. “Good citizens” vote. That’s why they give out stickers.

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