Randoms of the past couple weeks: part 3

– To the loose-necked remnant.

Ferd’s retiring, which is a bummer. Thanks to him. My own thoughts are basically the same as Simon’s. All the best.

Mencken: “Free speech is too dangerous to a democracy to be permitted.”

– HS on voting and soda bans.

– An interview with Harvey Mansfield.

Isegoria: “I can’t imagine living under a bureaucracy bound by rules and customs instead of our vibrant democracy…”

She is, alas, right.

More on Byzantium.


2 Responses to Randoms of the past couple weeks: part 3

  1. ve says:

    The proposed “paycheck fairness act” is not what would stop women from being fired–that was already accomplished by Title VII and the “hostile environment” spin the courts have put on it. The paycheck fairness act was about forcing private businesses to pay women more money (for less marketable work and/or less hours) to eliminate the mythical “pay gap.” Even though it failed this time around, it’s only a matter of time . . . .

  2. samsonsjawbone says:

    Someone will spring up to replace Ferd (someone always does, every time one of my favourite blogs closes; you can’t put ideas back in the bottle), but I agree with one of his commenters: what I will particularly miss about Ferd is that his site was basically the aggregator and meeting place for all manner of “Alt-right” worldviews – the center of the Venn diagram, indeed.

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