Randoms of the day

– Here’s a very interesting new reactionary blogger (do check them out – they look really good)

The culprit is the people.

One and Mangan have a disagreement. I guess I agree with both of them. As Mangan says, identifying problems is valuable in and of itself. However, Ferd did seem a bit too nihilistic for my tastes. What’s the point of identifying problems, if you can’t laugh a bit at them?


In search of a neo-Filmerite

Crime is costly.

– I blame colonialism part I.

– I blame colonialism part II:

So prolific are the killings that one newspaper’s fortnightly crime round-up subdivides them into categories: chopped to death, burned to death, poisoned and so on. There is also a category for all those shot by the police, and by the early 2000s the figure was averaging three a week.

– I blame colonialism part III


10 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. Alrenous says:

    Where did you find this James fellow?

  2. James_G says:

    Thanks for the link and endorsement, Foseti.

  3. nydwracu says:

    This is quite entertaining:

    “What do these two disgraced politicians have in common?

    Both come from political families.”

    I don’t know, I can see something much more obvious that they have in common. Barry too. Maybe (hopefully!) there’s nothing there, but I’d love to see statistics on that, perhaps even nationwide; the only reason I haven’t done it myself is that I don’t have the Google-fu necessary to gather the corruption-scandal data.

  4. Dude

    You owe us a Thomas W. Lamont mega-post or…a book
    I would pay a high kindle price for that one (upto $8.99)

  5. Kalim Kassam says:

    Update: The neo-Filmerite has identified himself to me, but wishes to remain pseudonymous.

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