Jim on PC

– If you don’t replace the Commerce Secretary, the department won’t go away. It’ll probably do more than ever.

– Someone’s been beating up gays in DC. I wonder why the cops have been careful in how they respond to these incidents. It’s all very mysterious.

– I’m going to start referring to the present era as the "post-civilized age"

– Nydwracu on the school system

– Vox on the "liberalizing" effects of free trade:

the European Union is one of the most fascistic, illiberal, intrusive, and centralized state powers in the world and it was largely constructed upon free trade-based arguments

– A call for separation between the church of secular humanism and state

Communism and democracy

– If you miss Ferd’s link round-ups, go here. Incidentally, I think it’s funny to read everyone describing Ferd as an alt-righter. He always struck me as a lefty.

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  1. PA says:

    Someone’s been beating up gays in DC


    I am starting to think that the answer is “nothing.”

    • Gilbert Pinfold says:

      Hang on. It must be ‘youths’, ‘teens’ or ‘young people’ beating up gays. They don’t vote.

  2. Apropos of a “call for separation between the church of secular humanism and state”, Moldbug believes we need complete separation of information providers and state:

    Of course, all the rivers of state cash that flow to the universities need to be plugged. No grants to professors, no subsidies for students, no nothing. But this is the easy part.

    The hard part is that to divorce itself completely, the state needs to stop recognizing the authority of the universities. For example, it is staffed largely with university graduates – many of whom are students of Professor Burke, Professor Limerick, and the like. Perhaps there is no way to avoid this, but there is a way to make it not matter: add university credentials to the list of official no-nos in HR decisions. Treat it like race, age, and marital status. Don’t even let applicants put it on their resumes. Instead, use the good old system: competitive examination….

    There is a simple way for the state to separate itself from the press: adopt the same public communication policies used in private companies….

    Eliminating selective disclosure terminates this whole nefarious network [of public officials selectively empowering favored newspapers to manipulate public opinion around a particular political agenda]. When the US Government has something to say, it says it. And it says it to all Americans at the same time. There is no privileged network of court historians (a journalist is a historian of now) who get secret, special access.

  3. If you don’t replace the Commerce Secretary, the department won’t go away. It’ll probably do more than ever.

    Is it accurate to say that the proverbial powerless leader a la Yes, Minister is less powerless when it comes to stopping omnipotent careerists from doing awful things?

    Are you saying a decent AG could have quashed Operation Arm the Zetas? (Not saying you’re right or wrong.)

    Or are you just referring to the lack of an authentic (not acting) ATF director for the last six years?
    (This is something I just learned about but I suppose it may be old hat to savvy District of Columbian like Foseti.)
    A list of recent ATF directors:[40]
    1999–2004 Bradley A. Buckles (b. 1949)
    2004–Edgar A. Domenech (1st time—acting)
    2004–2006 Carl Truscott (b. 1957)
    2006 Edgar A. Domenech (2nd time—acting)
    2006–2009 Michael Sullivan (acting)
    2009 Ronald “Ronnie” A. Carter (acting)
    2009–2011 Kenneth E. Melson (acting)
    2011–present B. Todd Jones (acting)

    I recommend that the adminstration appoint some, you know, people, to do stuff. And stuff.

    • Foseti says:

      I prefer the term temporary government for leaders of agencies and permanent government for the bureaucracy. The temporary government is not powerless, but their power is very limited. In the long run, however, all the temporary government can do is delay the will of the permanent government.

      I don’t really know if any decent AG could have permanently quashed that crappy program. He could – if he exists – have stopped it for now though.

  4. What is communism? It’s voting. Voting for everything. What is Democracy? It’s voting. Voting for everything.

    How are the boards of directors for corporations selected?

    I’m just trying to be funny, but one way I can’t quite come to grips with neocameralism is its simultaneous rejection of and reliance upon voting.

    • If competing slates for the board typically campaigned on the platform that they would take from some greedy shareholders who have too much, and give to other oppressed and victimized shareholders that have too little, you would have a point.

      A great deal of ingenuity and patient study of experience has gone into making a corporation act as if it was a single person, which is to say, making a corporation free from politics. Of course this is far from entirely successful, but with most corporations, most of the time, it is mostly successful. Mostly, they don’t have politics.

      • Alex J. says:

        Additionally, corporations from time to time go under, and their resources get sold off and their management and employees get new jobs, quite unlike typical governments.

      • My reply was a little misdirected, because it’s doubtful that the author of the tweet was a neocameralist. My point was only that total rejection of voting, per se, leaves very few options in forms of government. As Foseti notes, below, voting itself is not the problem–it’s universal suffrage. That’s all I was getting at.

    • Foseti says:

      The difference is who gets to vote. If the answer is “everybody,” run.

  5. PA says:

    I think it’s funny to read everyone describing Ferd as an alt-righter. He always struck me as a lefty.

    Alt-Right is essentially the synthesis of Pat Buchanan and Camille Paglia, with their contradictions and tensions.

    Another way to characterize alt-Right is to say that it’s righties who lost their faith in traditional vessels of traditionalism such as business, military, churches, and most notably, the GOP.

    In Moldbug’s nomenclature, alt-Right is renegade-Brahmins.

    Alt-Right is generally race-realist (along a broad spectrum of opinion, but generally cynical about blacks) and anti-feminist (this appears to be one of very few points of universal agreement in this movement).

    Game is another common point of agreement, except among a few outliers liek Larry Auster — but even wiht him it’s more of a mind-block owing to his temperament and inclination toward the metaphysical than a rational position.

    Alt-Right also covers a gamut with regards to religion, from atheism, to benign neglect, to traditionalist Christianity.

    As to Ferd: he is a populist who hates the degraded state of our culture. My kind of guy.

  6. PA says:

    Neocameralism is Moldbug’s allergy to ethno-nationalism. In that sense, he is a liberal.

    • The fundamental reason that whites don’t have ethno nationalism is that the leadership group is allied with, and identifies with, groups that are far away, a problem that set in when Britain suppressed slavery and Queen Elizabeth was crowned empress, in order to protect far away natives from oppression by piratical British colonialists.

      Purportedly caring for far away strangers is high status and supposedly virtuous – thus before you can get acceptance of white ethno nationalism, you have to get acceptance of enlightened egoism.

  7. fnn says:

    I’m going to start referring to the present era as the “post-civilized age”

    But at least, for the time being, there are some German Shepherds we can count on:

    The 28-year-old who is suspected of carrying out sex attacks n the Republic, kicked a ‘tough as nails’ attack dog in the head and then tried to throttle it before the dog bit his penis. The barking mad lag then tried to assault his handler in Northern Ireland’s Maghaberry Prison and is now facing the prospect of charges for his unprovoked attack on both.

    He’s also facing an excruciating recovery and last night Alauya was recovering from heavy blood loss and needed over 40 stiches on his arms, stomach and penis. Alauya was jailed in 2009 for the brutal murder of 38 year old Grace Moore, just hours after he fled from a County Kidlare court where he was facing charges of robbing two Dublin taxi drivers.

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