Paging Clarence Darrow

One of the enjoyable parts of being a reactionary is you know that history repeats itself. Not in subtle ways or ways that rhyme, but actually just repeats itself all the time. You can sit back and enjoy the show.

We all know, for example, that evolution once went on trial. Those crazy rubes in Tennessee refused to believe the truth of evolution.

That could never happen again, right?

If you read a bit about evolution, you’ll come across the term sexual dimorphism. In short it refers to the common fact that males and females of the same species often exhibit different characteristics or traits.

Alas, the Justice Department is suing sexual dimorphism.

People don’t really change.

3 Responses to Paging Clarence Darrow

  1. Handle says:

    It’s even better than that. Look at the female-male passage rates – the 19 vs. 63 (hard physical test) and 33 vs. 82 (easy physical test). I’ll leave the details as a fun little exercise in simple statistics, but basically, if you assume bell curves, the two results are consistent with similar variances but with the male applicant pool mean being about 1.2 standard deviations above the female.

    This is actually already a pretty “fairly” designed test then, since it must emphasize capabilities aside from running or use differential scoring . Run-times of British Army recruits after single-sex basic training are fully four standard deviations apart, and that’s also consistent with the US Army Physical Fitness Test gender-differential scoring for running.

    The most “unfair” you can be is to test absolute instead of relative capabilities, especially in upper-body strength. How many pull-ups can you do? Can you lift or drag an average Soldier-in-armor-and-kit (or obese American) out of a danger zone, or carry his stretcher? It doesn’t matter how perfectly “fit” you are relative to your “personal potential” if it means you can’t actually do the job that’s being asked of you.

    The US Army has been trying to introduce these “combat realities / readiness” evaluations for years, but despite the fact that they are all necessarily simple and basic and can’t be “complicated-up to cover it up”, they have to keep going back to the drawing board, for the same reason New Haven and New York have to keep “refining” their firefighters tests: because the gender spread of the results of these absolute strength tests are simple “unacceptable”.

  2. spandrell says:

    Good stuff.

    Now get the DoJ to sue the DoD and have the US military collapse into a Gay Pride event planner.
    Then we subject peoples can assault the US embassies and regain some modicum of freedom.

  3. CyniCAl says:

    Yes, you are right. The true test should be how many donuts an officer candidate can eat in one sitting. I know some women who would kick a man’s ass in that test.

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