The Cathedral at work. I’d have a small shred of respect for Google if they went after countries in the Middle East and Africa with as much zeal as they go after Singapore and Poland, but alas!

– Speaking of Singapore, here’s a quick take on their unemployment benefit system. Feel free to skip the first 8 paragraphs.

– In general, I think mocking your ideological opponents is the best strategy. But some things are impossible to mock.

– A year and a half ago, I blogged a fair amount about the DC mayoral election. The election pitted Vince Gray against Adrian Fenty. Both Gray and Fenty are black, but they’re probably less black than George Zimmerman (would the NYT call them “white blacks” if they killed a really black guy?). Anyway, Fenty was very popular with DC’s white population. Given the demographic changes in DC, Gray had to win basically all the black vote to beat Fenty. Gray won. Shockingly, Gray’s mayorship is now mired in scandal. It’s rather mundane stuff, the feds are investigating. You can read about the scandal at Wikipedia.

– The picture over at Borepatch’s made think about Mussolini for a minute. Everyone jokes about that he made the trains run on time, but he made the trains run on time in Italy. It seems like he did it in all of Italy too, not just the northern bit. If you’ve spent any amount of time in Italy, you have to be at least a little impressed by that, no?

– No one but Zero Hedge seems to have noticed that it’s pretty funny for governments to criticize other entities for manipulating interest rates.

– Lots of data on that pesky achievement gap.

15 Responses to Randoms

  1. Borepatch says:

    Interesting thought about Mussolini. His reputation was huge in the 1920s and 1930s, although the early gains are always the biggest. That wouldn’t change with fascism.

    Actually, when you think about it and look at Franco and Peron, that’s about right. If Mussolini hadn’t entered World War II he likely would have ended up on Saturday Night Live: “Benito Mussolini is still dead.”

  2. R. Jones says:

    So in Singapore, “citizens are obliged to save for the future” and
    “retired parents can sue children who fail to support them”?

    I’m sorry but that’s retarded.

  3. Gilbert Pinfold says:

    The gender bender office at Harvard brings to mind Hunter S. Thompsons aphorism: ‘When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.’

  4. Anonymous says:

    Great zero hedge post with surprisingly good comments so far


  5. in columbus says:

    Google is behaving like a company whose days on top are numbered, and now they’re worried about creating a legacy.

    They’re right to feel that way, too. The only Google product that feels irreplaceable is search. And the ability to scan the entire internet and use complex algorithms to rank websites according to an infinite number of possible queries will be scalable within a decade. Moore’s law will push past IP law, and I can’t wait for Google to go the way of AOL. They deserve it.

  6. Asshole says:

    Have you ever thought about adding tags to your entries?

  7. Alex J. says:

    This could be apocryphal, but I’ve heard that Mussolini just ordered that it be reported that the trains were running on time.

  8. Alrenous says:

    I should be able to mock the pilgrim thing. Here’s the framework, just needs to be put into a snappy line.

    Apparently whites can cripple blacks so badly that their ancestors won’t be able to recover even 200 years later or thereabouts. Assume this is fact.

    That’s an incredible amount of power. Even God only does seven generations.

    First, it’s racist as hell. Can blacks do it back to whites? They can’t even overcome their ancien crippling.

    Second, what would happen if whites threatened to do it again? Blacks wouldn’t be able to save themselves, as established. Only whites can defeat other whites.

    What happens when a white decides to eight-plus-generational screw another white?

    • Anonymous says:

      >What happens when a white decides to eight-plus-generational screw another white?

      Why that’s called progress.

  9. dearieme says:

    Oi, Foseti. It may be that you are thoroughly familiar with Keynes’s “Economic Consequences of the Peace”, but in case you’re not, here it is.

    Even if you suspect that his thesis is wrong (as I do), it’s a fascinating read. His account of earnest, ignorant, dim President Wilson will surely raise a smile.

  10. dearieme says:

    ” … this blind and deaf Don Quixote … “. priceless.

  11. dearieme says:

    “… unless her great neighbors are prosperous and orderly, Poland is an economic impossibility with no industry but Jew-baiting …”

  12. dearieme says:

    Whatever became of this chap?

    “Mr. Hoover was the only man who emerged from the ordeal of Paris with an enhanced reputation. This complex personality, with his habitual air of weary Titan (or, as others might put it, of exhausted prize-fighter), his eyes steadily fixed on the true and essential facts of the European situation, imported into the Councils of Paris, when he took part in them, precisely that atmosphere of reality, knowledge, magnanimity, and disinterestedness which, if they had been found in other quarters also, would have given us the Good Peace.”

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