– GBFM reviews C.S. Lewis

– nydwracu on democracy.

– Why the welfare is not a decent provision for the poor.

– We need a word to describe someone who is a member of a minority group but who is sufficiently white that he would be considered white if he committed violence against a really black person.

Abe Lincoln

Spandrell wraps up the Dark Enlightenment series.

– I find it totally implausible that a ideological group hostile to the American way of life could take over the State Department. Totally implausible.

– Gentrification would be impossible without Amazon Prime – you never have to go to the local stores! Looks like Amazon may move to same day delivery. Too bad for “vibrancy.”

– Shockingly, Haiti is still a shit hole.

– Lots of people are deeply offended by polygamy while simultaneously being totally cool with this.

– Some interesting thoughts from M.G. and Jim.

Brian Ross is a pedophile.

4 Responses to Randoms

  1. asdf says:

    Your first link is unreadable. If he has a point perhaps real sentences and paragraphs. Sticking “lzozlzzooozozozo” in the middle of everything isn’t helping.

    Granted I didn’t read the source material here, but he makes it impossible without doing so (maybe even with).

    • Matthew says:

      asdf, GBFM is brilliant, and his screeds are worth reading. Imagine a Kierkegaard, convinced of the ineffectiveness of direct communication, delivering thoughts which wound from behind in a sort of literary performance art inspired by Andy Kaufman and Sam Kinison.

  2. A few suggestions for entry #4:






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