Randoms of the day

– hbd chick on Ron Unz on IQ.

– Average Married Guy lists some things he’d like to teach his kids.

Science is slowly catching up to HL Mencken.

– Someone once asked me to summarize my political philosophy in one sentence, and I said: “You can’t fix stupid.” Alkibiades made me think of that again today.

– Unamusement on Judge Garaufis.

– Shall we can check in on South African genocide? Still ongoing, apparently.


6 Responses to Randoms of the day

  1. dearieme says:

    The notion that emigrants are automatically more intelligent than the countrymen they leave behind seems to me implausible as a generalisation. Is it adopted for any reason except US vanity?

  2. Unz is doing the usual PC science thing: Look for the noisiest data available, then cherry pick the item where the noise runs in your favor.

    For the broader data on Mexicans see Occidentalist: http://occidentalascent.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/hispanic-performance-by-generation/

    Mexicans are still on average as dumb as ever.

  3. B D says:

    Mexican Immigrants: Nos sunt Latini Australia…the crime rate alone demonstrate it. I wouldn’t be surprised if Latin Americans were surveyed they’d respond that yes, NorteAmerica is where we send our problem children.

  4. @Foseti – I said: “You can’t fix stupid.”

    That’s not right – stupidity is not the big problem – it is evil, intentional, purposive, deliberate evil. At worst stupid people might serve evil but they are not the origin of the main problem.

    To put it another way, the main problem is that people are not-even-trying. There are problems, maybe people are too stupid to solve them, but we will never know, because people are not-even-trying to solve them.

    This problem has gotten worse in the West in recent decades, because we live in a more evil society, such that moral inversion is a part of everyday life and government propaganda.

    This is not subtle – we *now* have mandatory denial of matters of universal observation and experience, compulsory acceptance of lies and nonsense, deliberate ugliness described and rewarded as beautiful – and beauty rubbished as kitsch, and a vast and integrated system in which natural and spontaneous morality – especially in the sexual arena – has been reversed and where sinful behaviour is positively approved and lauded.

    (None of this can even be addressed (never mind fixed) by the nihilism of atheism, because there is no reason nor basis for trying to fix it – because atheism is the root of the nihilism. Of course, modern evil is not just evil to Christians, but evil according to spontaneous, universal natural law – the question is why we should obey natural law when the whole of modern propaganda tells us that it is virtuous to defy it.)

    • Foseti says:

      Interesting points.

      I think there is a class/intelligence divide with respect to the evil vs stupid debate.

      The sort of people that are currently poor through their own faults (e.g. having many children out of wedlock) are generally stupid.

      The sort of people that create a society that rewards this kind of stupid behavior are evil.

      I agree that the latter is currently a bigger problem – it’s also possible to solve. The former problem is likely insoluble.

      • “The sort of people that are currently poor through their own faults ”

        Yes, but there aren’t any real poor in the West – not by ancient ‘Biblical’ definitions of poverty (essentially this means starving to death) – the poor have been out-reproducing the rich for at least 200 year in the West; and now everywhere and in all countries.

        So in a biological sense the poorest *or rather the least rich, by world historical standards) are not ‘stupid’ (although they are certainly less intelligent) because their behaviour is adaptive.

        But you are correct that their behaviour is adaptive in a parasitic way – “society that rewards this kind of … behavior” (i.e. a society which keeps all children alive no matter how many or whose, and raises them to sexual maturity and allows them to have as many chidlren as they want and then keeps them alive etc. and does this by coercive extraction of resources – not by voluntary charity) – which means that there is a ‘selective sweep’ going-on – the system is not in equilibrium.

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