– Macroresilience on demosclerosis

– More from hbd chick on Ron Unz. There’s also lots more from Occidentalist. And Audacious Epigone.

– There should be more writing on girl game.

– A call to break up big banks.

American politics is tribal, whether you are or not.


7 Responses to Randoms

  1. Handle says:

    For “girl game” writing to become common, there would actually have to be a kind of ideological acceptance of the validity of men’s desires in terms of the female behavior patterns that keep them satisfied and stimulated. As opposed to constant hysterical complaints of “oppressive patriarchy” and attempts at eradication.

    Not only that, but of the very idea there there exists certain male preferences originating from our very nature and held by a majority of the population, as opposed to these notions being some infinitely plastic and malleable portfolio of concepts susceptible to political brainwashing.

    Look at how much feminist resistance there is to even mainstream game, the same idea that most average women are attracted to certain particular male behavior and personality patterns.

    Well, at least they don’t have too much (and declining) influence over what men do, but their greatest weapon is propagating a high-pressure social-conformity judgment that women who don’t live their lives like men are “losers”. I wouldn’t predict much “girl game” writing in the future without the harpies going after it with both barrels.

    • Foseti says:

      I think there’s a chance that some good girl game writing would work wonders to bring about the changes you suggest. These recommendations would work – very well, I might add. It’s reasonable to think that acceptance would follow even if people still pretended not to accept it.

  2. asdf says:

    Team woman has an interesting quandry. There are genuine advantages on a political basis to maintaining current propaganda. They get things out of it, they don’t want to give them up.

    However, actually applying that propaganda at a personal level is bad. You’re optimal strategy is to maintain a public stance but then act privately on a different worldview. This is a difficult process for people. And women don’t feel proud of being outside the mainstream the same way, you don’t see women talking about red pills all the time.

    That said its not impossible. I know women that do it. The key is male guidance. If she loves a man that understands this stuff, she will come to understand it.

  3. Samson J. says:

    There should be more writing on girl game.

    Really, Big F.? Of course I don’t want to discourage anyone from trying, but would women read it? I feel like this information is already bloody obvious and freely available to the people who would actually listen (although maybe that’s just my male mind projecting). For instance, what churches and Christian websites teach is pretty much a lot of girl game; they get the female prescription much more correct than the male.

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