Stop what you’re doing

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3 Responses to Stop what you’re doing

  1. PA says:

    The Brahmin project is subtractive rather than additive: the more they suceed in screwing their demoralized cultural enemies, the more they are screwing themselves. Does anyone really want to live in teh land of no pretty girls? Thus one scenario for a Great Reversal woudl occur simply when the Brahmins realized that they are destroying their own habitat.

    After all, during the Industrial Revolution it was profitable to pollute the air and water. But then came national parks and environmental regulations.

    Not only that, but there are diminishing returns on the Brahmins’ project. There are no more photogenic Bull Connors you get to beat down on TV — only People of Walmart. There is no Dr. John Prentice to marry off to a middle class white daughter — only washed-out mudsharks (which the NYT did make note of). There is no Harlem Renaissance — only Detroit.

    BTW, I remember that durng the 80s, everyone worshipped MLK. Today, nobody under 30 gives a fuck about him one way or another. Even Obama has turned out to be a dissappointment, whose racialism (like proportional school discipline — see Auster or SBPDL) is of no interest to SWPLS. They’d rather dream of Portland. The more advernturous among them are establishing Whole Foods beacheads in Detroit.

    I suspect that the passing of the Boomer generation will bring MANY changes in the priorities of the eternal Brahmin class.

  2. dearieme says:

    “artifacts passed down the generations: 60s musical acts such as The Beatles and Bob Dylan …”: be fair, what came after was much inferior. On the other hand, brahmins should be listening to Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, not rockcrap and popshite.

    “… a curious fondness for Ireland …”: what an astute observation – but I am immune having had an Irish grandfather who did not hold back from expressing his contempt for his countrymen – priest-ridden, drunken, dishonest and violent, in his expert view.

    “… a pantheon of historical demigods (beginning with MLK, Lincoln, FDR, and Jesus, in approximately that order) …”: classing Jesus as a demigod is rather fine.

    “… a fixation on the piano and the guitar …”: instruments on which no note can be sustained. There’s an important metaphor in that, don’t you think?

    • instruments on which no note can be sustained….

      But many notes can be played simultaneously; the combination can be harmonious or dissonant at the player’s caprice. So that’s two important metaphors. Do I hear a third?

      I’ve noticed the Irish thing too. When Anglo-Celtic leftists discover that everything Anglo- is evil, they suddenly discover that their 12.5% Irishness can easily be rounded to 100%. It’s not like anyone’s going to call them on their ancestry unless they try to be descended from an Amerindian group (other than Cherokees?) I’ve known SWPL women who can barely find the Isles on a map who have vehement and detailed opinions on the IRA, etc.

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