A few alt-righters have been wondering where Mangan is. I’m not sure what’s up with his main site, but he’s been blogging a bunch here.

10 Responses to Mangan

  1. Anonymous says:

    Any word on OneSTDV?

  2. JL says:

    I have corresponded by email with OneSTDV. I reproduce below without his permission; feel free to delete.

    Blog is no longer being updated and I’ll probably just delete it whenever.

    I basically got tired of repeating the same criticisms over and over
    again. Sure, the ideas promoted by sites like mine NEED to be put
    into the intellectual sphere. But not everyone personally benefits
    from being a cultural warrior. I applaud those who are still fighting, but there’s only so many times I can say, “hey look
    a dumb black person/a liberal media member/a hypocritical feminist!”

    • James_G says:

      People like OneSTDV could help to construct the reactionary library.

      He can also conduct positive analyses, instead of endlessly critiquing Universalism. For example, how precisely a responsible government can be installed and what it should look like.

  3. Christopher says:

    Mangan: “I hope to be blogging elsewhere soon, in such a way that former readers can find me and will know who it is that’s writing. Stay tuned…”

  4. Scotsman says:

    Sounds like Mangan doesnt really like blogging under his real name anymore. Maybe he finally got harassment over it.

    He’d been slow and sounding somewhat tired for awhile.

  5. Handle says:

    The core of the alt-right critique really does revolve around a few basic principles, the themes around which the day’s observations and analysis can vary only those. Most critical “schools of thought” are inherently boring, predictable, and repetitive, and that’s certainly true on the Left as well.

    Either your “movement” or misery-loves-company sympathy-club has some kind of palpable, salient momentum towards power or victory that keeps you motivated, or eventually you start echoing yourselves in resignation and despair.

    Critiques and ideas are not enough, and in that vein, is there really anything to say that Moldbug hasn’t already said? I think even he’d agree with that, and his tempo as of late would seem to indicate his exhaustion of novel insight. Occasionally I’m surprised or impressed with a genuine novelty of Auster, Sailer, or Derbyshire, but less and less frequently it seems.

    Or, if you’re lucky, you can achieve a kind of jovial transcendence, freed by one’s spiritual “apartness” instead of paralyzed by one’s lack of impact, and able to laugh, ridicule, and watch with amusement as if from a distance. That’s the Mencken way. And I encourage that “alpha-right” attitude.

    Sometimes you hear people cry for “positive plans” and “ways forward”, which would actually give people “something real to do” instead of commiserating in blog comment.

    And those are interesting and entertaining to think about (I like to toy around with a few “big” ideas of my own) but I don’t think the West’s soil is yet fertile for anything remotely alternative to ratcheting hyper-Progressivism, and won’t be for some time.

    In the meantime, you might as well try to keep yourself entertained with the old, because if you’re relying on the “new and fresh”, you’re going to be disappointed. And in a way – isn’t that the big point of Neo-Reactionism?

    • Handle says:

      By the way, I might be in the DC region in about 6 weeks. Check your email.

    • James_G says:

      >is there really anything to say that Moldbug hasn’t already said

      Yep. Moldbug doesn’t supply much evidence for all of his claims, and argues on a very high level of abstraction. Others should fill in the detail.

      >I don’t think the West’s soil is yet fertile

      It isn’t a good idea to wait for Universalism to die off before making plans for the new government. There’s a vast amount of work to be done, and this is is just an excuse to be lazy.


      Don’t use this word. “Reaction” is much better, because shorter and doesn’t sound like neo-Nazism.

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