The SWPL takeover of DC?

This white dude might be the next mayor of DC.

(The current beige half brother that’s mayor is having some problems).

The Washington Post notes:

But though Wells remains popular on Capitol Hill and in pockets of Northwest and Northeast Washington, he remains untested before a citywide electorate. Wells will have to convey what his self-described “progressive” views mean for the black middle-class voters who often decide elections in the District.

In normal English, white people really like Wells. However, in order to win in DC, you need some black votes and it’s not clear that blacks will vote for Wells because he’s white.

Wells has been remarkably effective as a Council member, even though he’s the only white dude on the Council. He basically follows the strategy that Sailer comments on here, of thinking of "regulations as tools." For example, are your sidewalks in crappy shape? If so, you don’t complain about the disrepair, nor do you mention that you want a livable, walkable city. Instead, you complain that handicapped people can’t get around on the sidewalks. Bam, the law requires new sidewalks.


5 Responses to The SWPL takeover of DC?

  1. josh says:

    Holy crap, it’s Tommy Carcetti!

    Black middle class? In DC?

  2. beta_plus says:

    DC is no longer majority black and massive sections of the city have been gentrified and rebuilt. Even the Anacostia River (the traditional barrier to the city’s most black neighborhoods) has now been forded by SWPL Gay Gentrifying Special Forces. The “blond girls jogging with iPods” will soon follow. A white DC mayor is extremely likely in the next 20 years.

  3. PA says:

    Maryland and Virginia residents hope that the gentrification dispersal all goes into PG County.

  4. Leonard says:

    All of our cities should be recaptured like this. The natural state of cities is that the wealthy should live in them and be close to work and play, whereas the poor should live in cheap but remote suburbs and spend time on the bus. But alas, it takes a booming economy to drive gentrification, and there’s only one city in the country that’s booming now.

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