– Ulysses on the freedom of responsibility (the only kind of freedom there is).

– Take a guess as to the strongest predictor of early death before you click the link.

– Audacious Epigone on immigrants

– Whiskey on libertarianism as stealth white identity politics


– Everybody believes in HBD:

The Obama staffers who can judge what’s a safe enough street in gentrifying Washington within a half block just by watching pedestrians stroll by will go back to the office and sue school districts for racial disparities in suspension rates.

– Nydwracu on universities

– James on race

Multiculturalism fail

Jim (NSFW): "Progressives have done to Christianity what Christians did to pagans."

12 Responses to Randoms

  1. James says:

    >Multiculturalism fail

    “A few even said the yellow-brown colour of the $100 banknote reinforced the perception the woman was Asian, and “racialized” the note.”

    Hilarious. But is it as bad as this:


    “Some chucklehead working for Microsoft thought it would be funny to slip a thinly camouflaged sexist remark—”big boobs”—into software code that connects the Linux kernel to Microsoft’s HyperV virtualization product. […]

    And, just as predictably, there are critics of the critics—apologists and enablers for this chucklehead and others like him—who insist on defending the non-existent right to be just a little bit sexist, even at work, as long as it’s just a little bit and as long as not too many people notice or are offended. Lighten up, you nags, is the operative message from these folks.

    Yes, still, in the year 2012. […]

    Paolo Bonzini noticed something a little awkward in the Linux kernel support code for Microsoft’s HyperV virtualisation environment—specifically, that the magic constant passed through to the hypervisor was “0xB16B00B5”, or, in English, “BIG BOOBS”. It turns out that this isn’t an exception—when the code was originally submitted it also contained “0x0B00B135”. That one got removed when the Xen support code was ripped out.

    At the most basic level it’s just straightforward childish humour, and the use of vaguely-English strings in magic hex constants is hardly uncommon. But it’s also specifically male childish humour. Puerile sniggering at breasts contributes to the continuing impression that software development is a boys club where girls aren’t welcome.

    • Bill says:

      If software development stops being a boys club where girls aren’t welcome, will software development stop? Or just slow down a lot?

  2. James says:

    >Take a guess as to the strongest predictor of early death before you click the link.

    I guessed, “being black”.

    I thought for a terrifying moment the answer was “coffee addiction”.

    I’m not sure whether the real answer mistakes correlation for causation.

    • Alrenous says:

      Is divorce causative per se, or is it down to the kind of person who gets a divorce?
      It consider it likely the researchers assumed divorce was randomly distributed in the population. Divorce is not an exogenous disaster, striking helpless victims. Divorcees are active participants – either initiating a divorce or initiating a relationship that can’t be stabilized.

      That said I can see it going either way.

      Another confounder: maternal custody. We already know paternal custody is unambiguously better, and therefore maternal custody is the norm.

  3. ve says:

    It says it is the strongest “social” predictor. Wonder if that excludes diet, exercise, smoking, etc.

  4. Lawful Neutral says:

    NSFW? You’re hilarious, Foseti. NONE of this stuff is safe for work. You’d have to have an unemployment wish to view extremist hate sites like, well, yours, on a work machine.

  5. Toddy cat says:

    The woman on the banknot is obviously supposed to be caucasian. What the Hell is wrong with there people?

  6. “Some believe that it presents a stereotype of Asians excelling in technology”

    That’s the best part.

  7. […] – Randoms, Review Of America’s Retreat From Victory, […]

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